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Step by Step Weight Loss Plan Created by Diet Bites

Written by Diet Bites

Does this weight loss story sound familiar?

Jack and Jill decided that they would lose weight - and this time they were going to keep that unwanted weight off forever.

1. Both had about 40 pounds that they needed to lose.

2. Both had embraced a spiffy weight loss plan.

3. Both were utterly determined to achieve weight loss success.

4. Both had an exercise plan in place.

5. Both excelled in resisting the most tempting of foods.

Lose Weight, Gain Back More Weight

But even with all their determination and all their plans in place, both Jack and Jill lost 20 pounds and gained back 30 as they tumbled down Diet Hill, landing with a giant thud on the grassy knoll of 5th and dine - filling their empty pails with every goody in sight.

Jack's and Jill's weight loss plan had many perfect elements in place which are needed to achieve weight loss success. But somewhere in their plans existed a tiny hole, perhaps invisible to the naked eye.

Perhaps their plans didn't have enough calories which would keep them satisfied - and content to continue dieting. Perhaps they both lacked motivation at the beginning of their diet but it fizzled out as they got bored of dieting and starting longing for old food favorites.

Whatever the reason[s], the tiniest of holes is enough to suck a dieter into the vortex of Weight Loss Failure which begins with a primrose path leading to the most 'delectable delectables' in the universe.

Bingeing After Diet Ends

And 99.9% of the time, post-dieters justify their fall off the Diet Wagon with something to the tune of, " Life is too short to be worrying about everything that I eat.

And I was miserable on my lousy diet plan. I was so hungry that my tummy ached - and my dieter's breath was so severe that it almost melted my steering wheel as I drove to work each morning.

So I'm a bit overweight.... Okay, so I'm obese.

And why does obese sound like some species of dinosaur?

Besides, everyone else I know is in need of dropping pounds. So why should I sit at the office luncheon with an olive and a toothpick in my plate while everyone else enjoys a fiesta of cheese enchiladas, tacos and burritos smothered in chili and cheese?

Who needs a diet anyway?"

Speaking From the Voice of Experience

Hey - I'm not just making this stuff up. I've been there myself! Yes - time and time and time again - and I was tried  to the point that I wanted to pull out every hair on my body. (Ouch.) However, on my final diet plan - I achieved total weight loss success, losing over 100 pounds which I have kept off for about two decades now. Let me show you the way to a thinner you. continue 


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