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Eat, Drink & Be Merry

To tie our weight loss steps together, it's important to keep the following in mind:

Beverage Calorie Tips

Calories from beverages can add up quickly so when losing weight, opt for low calorie or no calorie beverages.  

And of course, water is always your healthiest choice.

Dietary Fiber Fights Hunger, Supports Digestion

Foods rich in fiber can assist you in dropping pounds by keeping your tummy feeling satisfied for longer periods of time.

My number 1 choice for fiber is barley with beans in the #2 spot (no pun intended - but fiber can equal gas). Diet Bites has a long list of the best fiber choices located here if you are interested.

Essential Vitamins & Precious Minerals Required for Weight Loss

Although many food combining diets spell Fad Diet, foods from the Official Food Pyramid can work like a chain reaction - with one food having the ability to boost the power of another food.

One example: Foods rich in Vitamin C can boost the absorption of iron found in other foods.

Controlling Portion Sizes & Servings

Keep a lid on serving sizes. It may equal measuring out portions, getting cozy with labels as well as calculating calories in personal recipes to determine calories per serving - AND I realize that is a pain, but these techniques work well in reducing the waistline.

In addition, keep a lid on sodium intake which can add false pounds to your weight scales.

Weight Loss Step 6 - Activity, Rest & Relaxation

Activity and exercise go hand in hand with a healthy diet in producing impressive weight loss results. To view the number of calories burned per activity, please click this Diet Bites' link.

Rest and relaxation are equally important. When losing weight - there is no need to continually feel guilty about taking a break to simply rest and enjoy yourself. In fact - it is vital that you do such.

Pour a cup of tea, read a book, enjoy the fireplace, make conversation with a friend, play a video game, watch tv, go to the movies - and so forth.

Oddly enough, some individuals reap a great sense of relaxation while enjoying an activity that they love such as boating, golf, bowling, camping  and so forth.

And of course, studies indicate that sleep patterns are tied closely to weighty issues - so be sure to grab your teddy bear as well as those forty winks.  continue

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