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Weight Loss Step 5, The Energy Chain

It would seem that the next logical step would be choosing a diet plan - more chiefly, the daily diet menus.

But - not yet.

This step of our weight loss plan involves the Energy Chain - and one of the most important keys to your weight loss success:

Identifying the number of daily calories required to achieve your Goal Weight in addition to the recommended daily servings your body requires to support your Goal Weight.

Needless to say - you have just entered the Diet Twilight Zone. This often-overlooked area of weight loss is tricky and essential not only to safe weight loss - but also to your good health.

Too many individuals pull off pounds to satisfy their outward appearance without giving a thought to what the daily diet may be doing to their insides.

Establishing Daily Calorie Requirements

Although exercise and activity can help melt away pounds, what you put into your body is the highest controlling factor when it comes to the number on your scales.

Therefore, it is vital to your weight loss success that you consume the number of calories your body requires - and not go over that amount as all excess calories (energy) is stored in the fat cells - even if those calories stem from low calorie foods such as carrots, celery, cucumbers and so forth.

To determine your calorie requirements based on your Goal Weight, please click this Diet Bites' link.


Weight = 138 pounds

Inactive Lifestyle Calorie Needs = 1,794 kcals

Moderately Active Lifestyle Needs = 2,070 kcals

Active Lifestyle Calorie Needs = 2,346 kcals

I would suggest that you opt for the 'Inactive' range of daily calories and adjust according to your rate of weight loss.

As an example, Jill's Goal Weight is 138 pounds so she would choose 1,794 daily calories.

It's also important to note that one of the biggest mistakes that dieters make is restricting calories too severely while trying to lose weight.

The first thing this accomplishes is a slow down in metabolism as the body senses something is vitally wrong and in turn it must conserve precious energy (calories) in an effort to protect the body.

The metabolism doesn't have a brain per say, so it has no idea that the restriction of calories is intentional.  continue

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