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Setting Your Goal Weight, Sensible Tips

This is the line in the chart from the previous page which concerns Jill.

Note the ranges in body weight set within each set of numbers. There is ALWAYS wiggle room where body weight is involved.

Feet & Inches = 5'4" in Height
Small Frame = 114 to 127 pounds.
Medium Frame = 124 to 138 pounds.
Large Frame = 134 to 151 pounds.

Her low end body weight is about 114 pounds to 127 pounds.

She can weigh as much as 151 pounds and still be at a healthy weight. And as discussed on the previous page, her perfect weight might be 131 pounds.

Although Jill's ideal weight according to our charts is about 131 pounds, this recommended weight is not set in stone.

This applies to ALL 'recommended weight charts', not just the ones created by Diet Bites.

While 131 pounds may be perfect for Jill's friend, it may not be perfect for her. Why so?

Denser Lean Muscle Mass Impacts Body Weight

Let's say that Jill takes up weightlifting and her muscle mass is dense. Muscle not only takes more energy (calories) to support but it also weighs heavier on the scale.

Blessed in Certain Areas of the Body

Perhaps Jill has been gifted in particular areas of the body such as the chest area, the bun area and the hip area.

These areas, depending upon just how gifted Jill is, can add lots of pounds to the bathroom scales - so she might weigh more than 'recommended weight charts' say she should - and still be at her healthy ideal body weight.

Adjusting Goal Weight Amid Dieting

Due to her medium sized body frame she will set her goal weight at 138 pounds - which is at the high end. Once Jill reaches 138 pounds she can adjust her weight downwards to suit her personal needs.

However, she may need to stop at a higher number. She may think she has a medium body frame - but she may have a much larger one. OR, she may need to lose even more weight if her frame size is small rather than medium size.

My advice to choose the highest recommended weight on the grid is multi-faceted. Jill may even consider setting her goal weight at 151 pounds and then work down from there.

When losing weight - it's vital to accomplish small goals along the way.

This adds confidence to your weight loss plan and weight loss in itself can be your most powerful 'motivator' in losing that excess weight. Always keep in mind that tiny goals add up to impressive goals.

Little by little those extra pounds were packed on and little by little they will melt off.  continue

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