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Our Step by Step Weight Loss Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Weight Loss Step 1, a Personalized Plan

The very first step to achieving permanent weight loss is not a spiffy diet plan.

Actually, that generally tends to be the first mistake dieters make - the reason being is that most diet and weight loss plans are generalized.

In order to be successful at losing weight - and most importantly, keeping it off forever, one must have a personalized plan.

Visit to Doctor, a Wise Step Towards Forever Weight Loss

To do such, the first step should be a visit with the family doctor where the following can be obtained - and yes, we know, you probably don't want to go - but it is a wise step:

recommended daily calories

recommended weight

test results to rule out issues that may be contributing or causing weight gain

a moderate activity plan

The doctor may prescribe a special diet plan or recommend a nutritionist or dietician to help the individual achieve weight loss.

Or the doctor may even prescribe vitamins and/or weight loss pills or supplements - which I am not totally comfortable with - HOWEVER, there are many weight loss supplements currently on the market which can prove exceptionally helpful in getting off those unwanted pounds.

Weight loss supplements aren't what they used to be and many come with risks that are much lower than the risks associated with obesity.

However, note that there isn't a weight loss supplement OR a diet pill or potion which can melt off excess pounds. Generally, these types of prescription medications work to decrease appetite.

In former years they were known as that - appetite suppressants. In today's world they are more commonly known as 'diet pills'.

All are accompanied with minimal to serious risks, including heart attack, racing heart, stroke, numbness in extremities, difficultly in breathing - and all of these are situations which are classified as medical emergencies. This is why it is imperative that you discuss the risks before you get the prescription filled. If you can deal with your raging appetite, you really don't need them. They are not magical.

Weight Loss Step 2, Weighing-In

chocolate covered donutTime to circle the wagons and get all of our data into the campground so we can begin to build our fire. Yes, it's time to discover just how much damage has been done - time to step on those rusty weight scales.

And if it's been a long while since you have done such, the photo to the right might be helpful in identifying your bathroom scales.

Take note of the clothing that you have on - and be sure to weigh first thing in the morning - before breakfast or coffee and especially before having that cheese Danish. Remove your shoes before you step onto the scales. Empty your pockets if you're wearing clothing.

Wait. What is that chocolate covered donut doing in this article? I must make a note to retract that later... continue

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