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Weight Loss Success Tips

No matter how you go about achieving weight loss success, keep your weight goal doable. Allow your body time to adjust.

Weight loss can be a slow and tedious process and if you're losing an average of 2 pounds per week - give yourself a golden star. That equals over 100 pounds in one year - so it can add up swiftly to awesome results!

The following is advice that I have given many people and they really like this gem. Hope you will too!

After setting your Goal Weight, set small bars along the way. For example, if Jill weighs 178 pounds, her FIRST goal weight should be 169 pounds - just a pound shy of 170.

Wow - she is already in her 160's'!

This accomplishes a positive mind set which can work to your advantage.

When Jill reaches 169 pounds, then her next goal should be 159 pounds, then 149 pounds, then 139 pounds and so forth until she reaches her targeted goal weight.

In my experience with those who had more than 50 pounds to lose, the first 10 appeared to drop swiftly while the next 10 came off slowly AND the next 10 pounds came off swiftly again - and so forth.

Recipes - never be afraid to personalize diet recipes. If you don't like the recommended garbanzo beans, try substituting hominy or corn or kidney beans and so forth - or omit them from the recipe.

Nothing should be set in stone when dieting - particularly low calorie recipes.

Vitamins - depending upon an individual's level of health, vitamins may be desired during dieting.

However, it's important to note that the best way to get vitamins is via the foods in our  healthy daily diet.

As humans, once we are told that we cannot do or cannot have something - then 'that something' tends to be stuck in our minds. Take weight loss.

In Summary

Once you go on a diet - it's going to be engrained in your every waking thought.

Therefore - stay busy and continue to eat healthy. Be sure to take time out to relax as well as to exercise. And when the going gets too tough, open a sugar cookie scented candle and inhale!

Here's wishing you the greatest success in your weight loss adventure!

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