Step by Step Weight Loss Plan
How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off Forever

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Weight Loss Plan by Diet Bites

Here it is! We are finally to the Weight Loss Plan. Let's quickly review a few hot spots that have been discussed:

goal weight

daily food group recommendations

daily calorie recommendations

serving size recommendations

At this point, you're biggest challenge appears to be the daily diet menus.

And of course, Diet Bites has hundreds - if not thousands of menu suggestions, recipes and so forth.

However, you may wish to combine our menus and suggestions with a viable book or weight loss plan of your choosing. There are many terrific daily menus and recipes on the market these days - and I will offer the following advice.

About Carb Restricted Diets

Carb-restricted diets are known for taking off pounds in the initial phase of weight loss but should only be attempted under the supervision of your doctor.

Carb-restricted diets may put some individuals (such as those with heart ailments or with diabetes, as well as maturing children) at high risk for serious health issues, including death.

Therefore, if you feel as if you would like to use this avenue for weight loss, please meet with your doctor before doing such.

Also keep in mind that not all carb-restricted diets are created equal.

About Fad Diets

Fad diets rarely, if ever produce permanent weight loss. Think about you know anyone who used a fad diet and kept the weight off?

Energy Equals Fuel for the Human Body

Think of food as energy and energy as food. This is the model that I have followed for over a decade which has served to keep over 100 pounds from returning.

Don't forget to pair your healthy daily diet with moderate exercise.

In Summary

If you do not wish to utilize a weight loss plan from a book per say, simply use your daily food group recommendations to build your daily diet and keep your calories on target with your daily calorie recommendations.

In addition, click continue below for my short-list of the recipes and diets found beneath the umbrella of Diet Bites - as well as for more tips and weight loss information.  continue

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