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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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What Defines a Meal?

Some of my best meals as well as my most enjoyable meals consist of single healthy items. Take a healthy burrito....

flour shell, steamed & whole wheat if available - 100 calories

1/2 cup of seasoned no-fat refried beans - 110 calories

1 slice of skim mozzarella cheese - 60 calories

chunky picante sauce - 20 calories

For less than 300 calories, this burrito is filling, contains a good doze of fiber, contains foods from several of the basic food groups.

The Potato Makes a Wonderful Meal for Dieters

Take a healthy baked potato.....

1 small baked potato - 120 calories

chives & chopped tomatoes - about 25 calories

grated skim cheese OR a dash of light sour cream - 40 calories

Another great choice for less than 200 calories.

AND if you don't light sour cream - use full blown for an additional 20 calories.

AND if you don't like skim cheese - then use a slice of 70-calorie cheese. The key to weight loss is keeping watch over the calories.

Rethinking Your Meal Plate for Weight Loss

1. You might do best with one-food meals such as the burrito and potato we suggested - or a bowl of your favorite food. This can assist in training the body to be accustomed to single helpings.

2. Use more vegetables and fruits in your recipes than grains, dairy and proteins. Your body will revert to a more desirable alkaline pH level rather than experiencing acidity issues. Keep in mind that the current recommendation for the protein and dairy groups is 2-3 servings. Try to remain within these boundaries. Grain servings range from 6 to 11 daily - so choose wisely. While a serving of pasta contains 200 calories a corn tortilla contains only 50, as do many slices of bread.

3. The next time you think of meal time - think outside the Diet Box. Keep your choices exciting and different. This spice rack and start racking up some delicious combinations of flavor!

Entertain your taste buds while your weight scales do a little downward-spiral dance.  continue

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