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Soup & Salad for Your Diet Plan

I highly advise enjoying either a healthy salad or a healthy bowl of soup as the first course of your meal when dropping pounds, or not.

Both are wonderfully filling and when chosen wisely, are very low in calories. They can also be very high in calories - so again, choose wisely.

Do Monitor Sodium in Soups & Salad Dressing

Another item to take note of is sodium content - particularly in soups.

Popular canned soups can contain 40% or more per serving of your daily recommended sodium intake and can make you blow up like a hot-air balloon.

Even though the weight gain is temporary due to salt's ability to retain water (and water weighs most heavily...) it can produce a false feeling of Diet Failure as well as make a body feel miserable.

When it comes to healthy salads, take caution with the following additives:

regular salad dressings



bacon bits



Yeah - all the 'fun' things. :-) However, a salad can still be tasty.

Try adding a bit of dried fruit such as cranberries rather than cheese.

Try adding a few sunflower seeds rather than buttered croutons. And try adding some light dressing rather than full blown.

See? You really can have your salad and eat it too!

Salt Consumption Tips

1. Try using 1/2 the amount in recipes. You'll more likely be able to taste the earthy, natural goodness of foods rather than salt.

2. Remove the salt shaker from the dining table. No need to add more if your food already has some inside.

3. Brush visible salt from foods such as baked fries, pretzels and baked chips.

4. Pickled foods are mined with salt so dieter beware.  continue

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