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Dieting Tips for Sugars & Fats

Take away sugar and fat and wa-lah - we've taken away a slew of calories. Fat and sugar are king and queen in calories with most 1 Tablespoon servings of fat containing 120 calories.

A cup of sugar contains about 800 calories.

The neato thing that I've found about sugar is the less I have, the less I want. And you may find one of the sugar substitutes magically delicious.

As to fat, it's perfectly okay to add a pat of butter here and there to add flavor to your foods.

What gets a body in trouble tends to be the size of their pat - so until you are able to correctly eye a serving size, please measure.

Another downer when it comes to sugar and fat is that they are generally the star at most celebrations.

And of course, there are many ways to get around avoiding these tasty no-no's which have the absolute power to kill your diet plan - so avoid the overindulgence of fat and sugar at all costs.

High Calorie Foods vs Healthy Foods Housed in the American Food Pyramid

Which foods would you rather put into your body? Yeah....I know. Me too. That cake looks awesome, minus the diet trolls. We placed them there to remind us that while we may love the taste and texture of cake - our body doesn't agree with all that fat and sugar.

If only the taste buds were in tandem with the foods that worked best for our body - foods which best support health and life itself, but alas they are not.

The tongue will not tell the tummy who in turn would tell the brain that a particular fatty and sugary food isn't going to be as healthy as that stalk of broccoli or celery or that lonely looking cucumber.

cake VERSUS American Food Pyramid

As a note, fat is indeed a necessary part of your healthy diet and cutting it out of your daily diet can lead to severe health woes such as loss of hair, loss of skin tone, as well as presenting considerable risk to your vital organs.  continue

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