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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Losing Weight is Easier Than Keeping it Off Forever

The bottom line is:

"Losing weight is fairly easy. One just cuts back on their food intake and performs a bit of exercise and wa-lah!

They are thin again." Right?


The fact is: " Losing weight is the most difficult task in the universe. Losing weight takes extreme dedication and perseverance.

And once the weight is off, the individual must continually strive to keep the weight off."

This is the most difficult part - the most challenging challenge! You probably know someone who has lost excess body fat. We even have celebrities who are getting paid substantial bucks in order to pull off the fat. But rarely do they keep it off.

In order to be successful we must be willing to make a life change; it's not an easy choice for most individuals.

1. We must be willing to eat the amount of calories [energy values] that will sustain our healthy recommended body weight.

2. We must be willing to perform/enjoy moderate exercise.

3. We must give up bingeing, second helpings and for some foods we will need to cut back on the amount that we can eat. Examples: Cheesecake, pizza, chocolate, soda, fried foods, ice cream, shakes, fast food and sauces.

Individuality & Body Weight Issues

The chief reason why permanent weight loss is so difficult to achieve is due to the complexity of our individual bodies.

Take Jack and Jill as an example. Even though both may be the same weight and height, both require different amounts of calories per day due to their individual make-up.

Because Jack is a male, his body tends to contain more muscles. Muscles require more energy (calories) to support. Therefore he can enjoy more calories than Jill. He also has larger bones which plays into the nutritional picture.

Other factors that fall into the overall equation include: speed of metabolism, body frame size, activity level, medical condition, age, stress level  and ethnicity.

But before we climb into the complexities of weight loss - let's dive right into the simplicity.

The following pages will set forth an answer to the age-old question, " How do I lose weight and keep it off forever?" And they will do such in the most simplistic of ways - beginning with baby steps.  continue

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