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Cracked Skin on the Tailbone Area

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Description & Symptoms of Cracked Skin on Tailbone

The isolated area is focused on the skin covering the tailbone - at the base of the spine. First, you may feel sore in the area - painfully sore. If your symptoms were like mine, you may feel worse on Day 2 - going forward.

The area will be appear red and inflamed. There may be a noticeable crack on the skin.

Because of the location of the affected skin, it is an embarrassing ailment.

You may have suddenly started having this annoying & yes - painful ailment. Mine didn't appear until I was in my 50's - and at first, it was every several months, then it started happening more and more frequently.

I have not had any issues whatsoever after I tried the following - and I will note that I've never seen this suggestion made anywhere in the universe. I was desperate - and if you suffer from the cracking of the skin in this area - then you know how painful this can be. So I tried the following & it has worked for me.

Quick Home Remedy for Healing Cracked Skin in Tailbone Area

When I first started having this ailment - I treated the skin with antibiotic ointment - sold over the counter. With each episode I would try to get rid of the redness as well as heal the skin using different over the counter products. They ranged from alcohol [ouch], hydrogen peroxide, betodine antiseptic, pure iodine, powder, cornstarch - and even fungal ointment.

As a last resort, I reached for my stick deodorant [Secret OR Suave, powder scent] and smoothed it onto the red, cracked skin. By the next day, I felt normal again. Generally - healing required SEVERAL painful days. After getting slammed with this condition every couple of months - I haven't had any issues with the skin in the tailbone area in YEARS.

Whenever I put on my deodorant, I include the skin on the tailbone. Now, with this said - because the area is so close to the spine, that is one reason why I recommend getting permission from your health care provider/doctor before trying. I've had no ill effects - and I'm in my mid-60's now.

Potential Causes of Skin Cracking on Base of Spinal Area

It's a puzzle. First, I thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. I'd never had this happen before. After several months passed, the skin cracked again - along with the redness. It hurt so badly, I dreaded getting up from a chair and sitting back down again.

So when the next episode happened, I considered it might be fungal-related. As time passed and I kept getting the condition again and again, I considered I was sitting too much at the computer because I write a lot, and I tend to get in my activity in increments throughout the day - so I sit for too long, at times.

Then I considered that sweat was related to the cause - because we have to hand mow our yard, and the heat is extreme in our area.

In addition, diabetes runs heavily in my family - which in one reason why I have to keep tabs on my weight. I had what is called 'gestational diabetes' during pregnancy during my childbearing years and the doctor told me that I have a very high risk of developing full-blown diabetes as I aged.

He said that although I may appear diabetes-free during my non-pregnant state, I could have symptoms related to diabetes. And diabetics are plagued with a multitude of chronic skin conditions.

In Summary

However, I have not been able to pinpoint the cause - and the condition may be related to a combination of things. I have come to the conclusion that my skin in that area is quite sensitive - and perhaps the deodorant creates a protective barrier.

And if it is-indeed related to sweat, the deodorant also takes care of the issue. Happy day!  


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