Why Weight Loss Takes Time

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Time & Patience Required While Losing Weight

Losing weight takes time and a lot of patience.  Think of weight gain in terms of an inflated balloon. The more air that enters the balloon, the bigger that it gets.  But unlike the balloon, we can't deflate quickly or we risk danger to our bodies.

So it's frustrating - waiting on weight loss. The good news is that if you stick with your weight loss and fitness goals, you will succeed.  Sometimes, it's good to be a loser!

How to Speed Up Weight Loss

Want to speed up your weight loss results? Try these weight loss suggestions on for size:

- set realistic weight loss goals

- incorporate activity that you love to accelerate weight loss

- eat foods as close to their natural state as possible

- enjoy 24 ounces of skim milk per day

Weight Loss Formula

Want to calculate how long it will take to drop that unwanted weight?   Divide the amount of weight that you want to lose by two. This should equal the number of weeks it will take to get the weight safely off.  

Fear of Failure

Fear of failing to lose weight while dieting is a very common, natural emotion.  This is one occasion when 'no one likes to lose' just isn't so, because when dieting, one can never reach their weight loss goals quickly enough!

If you are trying to lose weight and are experiencing feelings of diet failure, brush those aside and refocus on the positive things that you want to accomplish.  Keep in mind that you control your destiny, not your cravings and not your tummy.  By remaining focused, fear won't have room to squeeze in.

Weight Loss Expectations

One of the keys to an enjoyable weight loss adventure is to set doable weight loss goals. If a dieter needs to drop 175 pounds, then setting a goal of losing 100 pounds per month is going to hamper rather than help the dieting process.  

Therefore set goals that are realistic and that won't extract frustration.


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