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Diet Shortcake Recipe

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Diet Shortcake Recipe, Minimal Ingredients

Our shortcake is low in calories, easy to prepare and yes - it's so fresh that it just may jump from the dessert plate and kiss you on your lips.

You'll have to be quick to grab that first delicious bite.

And oh - the addition of fruit adds a blast of nutritional values to this diet dessert. Look for bargains at your market or fruit stand for berries during the spring months of the year - almost they are available year round, but the freshest of the pickings appears in spring.

Ingredients in Strawberry & Blueberry Diet Shortcake Recipe

4 dessert sponge cakes, single serving size
1 pint of fresh strawberries OR raspberries
1 pint of fresh blueberries OR blackberries
1/2 cup of melted strawberry, grape or blueberry jelly or jam - OR pre-made glaze at your market, found in the fruit section

Diet Shortcake Recipe with strawberries & blueberries.How to Prepare Our Shortcake Recipe

This is one of the easiest recipes posted at Diet Bites.

Simply wash the berries and allow them to dry. Take care in handling them because berries tend to be very fragile and bruise easily.

Place the sponge cake on a dessert saucer and arrange the strawberries or raspberries in a circular fashion.

Next, add a good amount of blueberries to the top. If you can't find blueberries at the market, then blackberries will also work well. In fact, you can even use peaches, bananas, pineapple, apricots, mangos - or any of your favorite sweet fruits.

We do not recommend using avocado or tomato, though. While both are classified as fruits, they wouldn't taste well in this recipe. [hardy har-har]

Melt the jam, jelly or preserves of your choice and drizzle over the top of the fruit. If you prefer the flavor of honey and you think it will compliment the fruit, that could also be used OR a light white or maple syrup.



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