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Roll out the red carpet for the Body Works Fun Quiz! Can you get seven out of seven? Get your bottle of white-out ready for your screen and letís get cracking. By the way, take the quiz as many times as you like! There is strength in numbers...

1. A fat-free diet is the best.



2. The ideal number for total blood cholesterol should range between:

400 - 1,000

100 - 199

3. The sole contributor to high cholesterol is determined by a person's food intake.



4. Only overweight people get diabetes.



5. A person would be wise in choosing fish every day as their meat choice.



6. Overeating is just one factor that contributes to weight gain.




7. One 4" dill pickle contains about the same amount of sodium as one order of Taco Bell cheese nachos.



Special notes on this health quiz:

1. Fat is necessary for health and nutrition. Fat cushions vital organs, keeps the shine in our hair, and helps beautify our nails - and along with protein and carbohydrates, it's one of the main classes of food for our bodies. It's also necessary for the body in the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

2. Keeping your cholesterol below 200 is significant in the prevention of heart disease.

6. Many things can trigger weight gain.  Here are just a few:

Diet Bites - home of the free diet planners. reduction in activity

Diet Bites - home of the free diet planners. thyroid disorders

Diet Bites - home of the free diet planners. diabetes

Diet Bites - home of the free diet planners. eating a normal amount of food that is high in calories

7. Shocking, isn't it? Taco Bell's Cheese Nachos contains 509 mg of sodium, 362 calories, 5.10 protein grams, 36.02 total carbohydrates, 3.8 grams of dietary fiber and 21.95 total dietary fat grams.

A dill pickle that is about four inches in length contains 1181 mg of sodium, 16 calories, 0.81 protein grams, 3.50 total carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of dietary fiber and 0.19 total dietary fat grams.

Gee, what happened to our once-healthy little cucumber? It looks like it got all swollen up, doesn't it?

Who would think that one tiny pickle, our former healthy 'fresh out of Farmer Tom's garden' cucumber would be so wicked in sodium content? Indeed, the pickle contains more than two times the amount of sodium compared to Taco Bell's Cheese Nachos.

Nonetheless, ix-nay on the nachos, and on the pickle, and try choosing a couple of warmed corn tortillas and a bit of warmed hot salsa.

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