Quick Recipes for Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy, Simple Recipes for Your Diet Plan

These original Diet Bites recipes contain a minimum of ingredients that can be found in most any humble kitchen such as our own.

The recipes are very quick and very simple to prepare and  are based on achieving a low calorie content.  Most all work wonderfully well for snack time.

Added Fat Adds Calories to Recipes

While the dieting individual is intent on losing true pounds - more specifically 'fat', the most influencing factor is the daily diet.

If you work towards reducing the amount of fat AND sugar in your daily diet without increasing your current intake of other foods, you will likely lose weight - and lots of it if you're a heavy-handed sugar ant or if you are drawn to fatty foods like a moth to the flame.

What's Wrong With Today's Diet Plans

All too often, foods that the individual enjoyed in their former daily diet become eliminated - which more often than not leads to a binge that ends the weight loss plan.

And all too often, a total change in direction is recommended in order for the individual to drop pounds - and to keep them off.

No more 'this' and no more 'that'; foods that the individual enjoys must be permanently banned from the meal plates and snack times.

The individual must also quit their Couch Potato behavior - and must run x-amount of miles per day just like a super hero is capable of doing.

However, based on statistics and the ever-growing American population (in weight, not in numbers) we see that this advice isn't working to shrink our nation. And frankly speaking - some of it is totally nuts.

When advice becomes way past that of what mortal man or woman can accomplish, it is un-doable. And for permanent weight loss results - as well as a healthier body to evolve, the daily routine as well as meal plates and snacks must be doable.

Therefore, it's time to change methods - time to look at the foods that we all enjoy and personalize our daily meal plates. Unless we learn how to control what goes onto them, as well as into our stomachs throughout the rest of the day in the area of snacks, the overweight issue will continue to grow.

So - yes we can enjoy any food that we wish. Sure, all foods aren't going to be healthy, but they can be enjoyed without weight gain fears when they are enjoyed in moderation and when the caloric values do not exceed our body's energy needs.

Quick Diet Recipes Box

Cheese Toast

Garlic Toast

Cinnamon Toast

Dutch Cocoa

Grapes of Diet Wrath

Angel in My Pocket

Penny's Penne Pasta

Flash in a Pan

Abbie's Awesome Apple

Toasty Coconut Marshmallows

Chocolate Moonpie

Indian Honey Corn Pudding

Asian Stir Fry

Quick Cupcake Cake

Quick Chicken Salad

Quick Meatball Recipe

Quick Penne Pasta

Quick Quiche

Quick Spaghetti

Quick Chicken Soup

Ambrosia Salad

Peach Recipes

Pineapple Recipes

Fruit Nectars


Friendly Or Lethal Diet Plan?

Looks can be deceiving, particularly when it comes to diet plans.

Choose well, stick to the plan and avoid lingering off the Trusty Diet Trail where wicked Weight Gain Trolls & Demons abound.  Rewards will be great in the way of weight loss success.

So how's a dedicated dieter suppose to conquer these trolls and demons?

If the individual is truly dedicated, they will more often than not have an impressive amount of motivation that will serve to fortify their goals - and to have the strength and willpower to accomplish such.

Things that can get into the way include these faulty plans - or promising supplements and medications that we lean on and place full trust in; fact is - they often fail the dieter and cause them to stumble and tumble off of their plan.

As to the mushroom to the left, although beautiful and alluring - it's lethal. Death has occurred in many unfortunate individuals simply by touching the amanita mushroom, then their lips.

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