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Sponge Cake, Very Low in Calories

One of the best - if not the top choice of cake that you can enjoy while dieting is good old sponge cake, also known as angel food cake. It's prepared with egg whites and is extremely low in caloric content.

One slice from a sponge cake which contains twelve large slices is generally 110 calories or less, as are the tiny single-serving dessert shells that are often sold at the market beside the berries. They make excellent dessert holders for the summertime berries.

Which brings us to our quick-to-prepare recipe....

#1 Quick & Light Diet Blueberry Cake Recipe

You can use one slice of the cake for this recipe or a dessert shell.

Mix 1/2 cup of your favorite berries - and strawberries contain about 1/2 the caloric values of blueberries and blackberries; mix with one serving of thawed whipped topping, the non fat or the reduced fat variety.

Spoon into the dessert shell and dust with a bit of colored sugar if desired. This recipe contains about 150 calories and is very delicious - and filling.

#2 Diet Blueberry Sponge Tart Recipe Ingredientsblueberries & How to Prepare

You will need to purchase a sponge or angel food cake mix so that you can bake it in a quiche or tart pan. Or, you can purchase a commercially prepared cake and trim it down to size - or layer it with the healthy blueberries.

A reduced fat pound cake works well too, as do many varieties of cake mixes. You can limit the recommended amount of vegetable oil by adding applesauce instead - the unsweetened variety.

If you're using a commercial mix, prepare as directed on the box, using the applesauce in place of the vegetable oil recommendation.

Bake in a quiche or tart pan; the commercial mix should make two cakes.

Spread the top of the baked cake with blueberry yogurt, the reduced fat variety, then top with the fresh blueberries just before serving.

If you can't find the fruit yogurt in a large container, then opt for two to three single servings of such. Or purchase the low fat plain (vanilla) and stir in a few pureed berries.

Or, you can opt for whipped topping that has been thawed, the non fat or the reduced fat varieties - in order to keep caloric values low. Add another dollop to each serving size if desired.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Sponge Cake

Nutritional Elements

100 grams

1 ounce

1/12 of 16 oz cake

Energy, Calories, kcals




Protein g




Total Fat g




Carbohydrates g




Fiber, Dietary g




Sugars g




Saturated Fat g




Monounsaturated Fat g




Polyunsaturated Fat g




Cholesterol mg




The Best Cake to Eat While Dieting

Rice cakes, of course! However, we'll toss in one more for good measure and that would be the light and delicious angel food cake.

Since angel food cake is made with egg whites rather than the entire egg, it's not only light in calorie content, but it's cholesterol friendly.

Enjoy a large chunk with some fresh strawberries sweetened with a bit of Splenda and a dab of light whipped topping.  

A glass of skim milk also completes your snack.

Yes, enjoying angel food may not be as fun as enjoying devil's food while dieting, but it's still very good pickins'. And it's the tiny choices that sometimes makes or breaks our weight loss plan. Here are some weight loss tips that can help:

-Cut back on your serving sizes.

-Limit yourself to one serving while dieting,and make sure that it's a proper serving size.

-Choose foods closest to their natural state which contain far less calories than processed foods.

-Limit fast food dining and when you do go, know the nutrition facts before ordering. Ask the establishment is required to provide you with the nutritional information.

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