50 Calorie Cinnamon Toast Recipe
Low Calorie Cocoa

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Cinnamon Toast, a Comfort Food That Can Be Enjoyed by Dieters

Cinnamon toast is a comfort food for those living in the southern parts of the United States but it can be quite high in caloric values.

Basically, it's a slice of white bread spread with butter or margarine, then topped with a lot of white sugar with ground cinnamon sprinkled on.

The bread is quickly flipped from the palm of the hand after it has been assembled, right onto a hot griddle or iron skillet - or a non-stick pan.

Cured iron skillets make wonderful cooking tools as they require no cooking spray and the foods don't stick to them.

My grandmother was a happy camper; she enjoyed fishing on the river bank, cooking at the campfire and just relaxing by the water. My mother remembers how she used to take a new cast iron skillet on the camping trip with her and toss it into the fire to season it. When they are new - anything and everything sticks to them; but once cured and seasoned - oh baby.

My mother was scarred by those camping trips. Her or my dad never took me and my brother camping. We used to play in the backyard and rig-up sheets as play-tents, then when the sun went down we'd get frightened and head [run] indoors. But that was our extent of camping.

My mother disliked the biting flies and mosquitoes, the stench of dead fish on the river bank - and the smell of campfires - so to each their own.

I would imagine that my grandmother prepared many slices of cinnamon toast when camping, along with her locally famous flapjacks - although she called them johnnycakes.

But as we can see, a slice of delicious cinnamon toast can be quite pricey in calories, and of course - those unwanted fat grams.

Therefore, let's see if we can skinny-up this southern comfort food. It's particularly good with a cup of hot cocoa.

Recipe Ingredients for Diet Cinnamon Toast, Preparation Directions

Let's use a lower calorie bread selection to start with; our slice contains 50 calories and is a regular size slice of bread.

Now let's spread it with reduced fat margarine for an additional 40 calories; sad - but this almost doubles the caloric values but it is what it is. Now we'll add the ground cinnamon; notice that we omitted the sugar.

Let's cook the toast in our toaster oven, under a broiler or on the stove in a non-stick pan. Frankly, I like it best when it is prepared in the toaster oven.

Once the toast turns a golden color, remove and sprinkle with sugar substitute. Or, if you can limit the sugar content, sprinkle some onto the margarine before adding the ground cinnamon.

Quick Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Recipe for Dieters

To prepare a lower calorie cup of cocoa, use reduced fat milk - about one cup for 90 calories. While the milk is heating in the microwave mix together 1 Tablespoon of dark chocolate powder (cocoa powder) or you can use regular rather than the dark - with just a small spoon of water.

It will quickly make a paste. Add a couple of packets of sugar substitute and when the milk is warm, stir it in; top with a few mini-marshmallows if desired.

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