Health Benefits of Garlic

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Health Benefits of Garlic

Health Benefits Associated With Garlic

One large or two small cloves are touted to render these healthy benefits, although there is controversy in whether the garlic should be consumed in its raw state, or cooked.

For the best health benefits, reach for raw garlic rather than powder and pills.

Health Benefits Associated With Garlic, a Natural Remedy for Stuffy Nose Congestion

Have a stuffy nose? If so, garlic is a powerful decongestant as are peppers and foods containing such.

Supports Cell Health, May Protect Against Cancer, Lowers Blood Pressure & Unhealthy Cholesterol

This super food does some amazing things once it is inside of the human body. It may protect against certain types of cancer, it may even assist in lowering high blood pressure - as well as in lowering elevated cholesterol readings.

When crushed, it releases a chemical called allicin - and this chemical is connected for the reduction of high cholesterol levels as well as lowering elevated blood pressure. However, scientists are currently working to identify all of the properties in this super food which contribute to improved health.

Another compound in garlic is Sallylcystein (SAC) which has been shown to be effective against combating tumors.

The types of cancer that it has been associated in limiting include colon and esophageal; it may also shrink existing cancer masses in the breasts, skin and lungs.

Of course, the downside is that in some individuals it may create or contribute to indigestion and other digestive ills, particularly when it is consumed in its raw form. It also contributes to foul breath - and not even a fairy's wand can be of help.

Antibacterial Properties That Combat Infection

Garlic holds antiviral and antibacterial properties which can prevent as well as combat infection.

It was used in World War 1 and II by British, Russian and German armed forces due to it's antiseptic properties.

Combats Heart Disease, Stroke & Blood Clot Formation

It can reduce the ability of blood platelets from forming harmful blood clots which contribute to stroke and heart disease.

This is reason enough to add it to your meal plate - dieting or not. But one would need to eat quite a lot of garlic to achieve this level of protection - at least 10 pods. Great news for garlic lovers, bad news for vampires - but hey, they live forever anyway, right?

Garlic is a Flavorful, Low Calorie Food for Dieters

It adds tons of flavor to foods and there is no other seasoning, herb or spice that tastes quite like garlic.

garlicAfter working with the raw pods of garlic, be sure to thoroughly remove the oils from your hands before touching your face or eyes. It contains irritants which can harm the mucous membranes.

50 Calorie Garlic Toast Recipe an Easy Recipe for Dieters

If you have half a minute, then you have time to prepare this easy recipe for Garlic Toast.

The Recipe Ingredients

1 slice of bread, about 50 calories
buttery flavored cooking spray
garlic salt

How to Prepare This Diet Recipe, Suggestions

Simply spray the 50-calorie piece of bread with butter flavored cooking spray. Pop into the toaster until golden. Remove and sprinkle with garlic salt.

Of course, you can use any type of bread that pairs well with garlic salt - and it can contain fewer or more calories.

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