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Healthy Tips for Sandwiches

#1 - Diet breads, gourmet breads, low-carb breads - there are enough breads on the market these days for the most discriminate of tastes, each containing its own unique flavor along with its own unique calorie content.

So our first healthy tip for sandwiches is to choose bread that contains the flavor you desire while keeping a lit on calories. While the 35-calorie bread that tastes like sawdust may not be an option, opting for the 70-calorie bread over the 150-calorie bread can influence your scales in a positive way while allowing you to enjoy your sandwich.

#2 - Choosing a whole grain bread will add nutritional value to your sandwich, as well as those that are packed with seeds and dried fruits.

#3 - Branch out from the a-typical bread. Experiment with bagels, kangaroo pockets, flatbread, tortillas and so forth when making sandwiches.

#4 - For those 'hot' sandwiches, rather than smearing the bread with butter or margarine, try spraying with butter-flavored cooking spray, then toasting. Odds are, you'll never know the difference. BUT, your good health and weight scales will!

#5 - For sandwiches containing a salad mixture, such as chicken or egg salad, opt for light salad dressing over Mayo and save, save, save on calories and fat grams. Also try adding healthy foods to salad mixtures when it seems feasible - such as dried cranberries and chopped walnuts to chicken salad. And when preparing the salad mixtures, go light on the salt. Sodium contributes to water retention which in turn makes the heart work harder.

#6 - Pile on the veggies which contain minimal calories and maximum nutrition!

#7 - Take care when choosing the spread for your sandwich. Opt for mustard over Mayo; even spreading a thin layer of whipped cream cheese onto your bread can save calories over using full-blown Mayo.

100 Calorie Cheese Toast Recipe

This is yet another very quick and easy recipe that makes use of low calorie food options. You will need a slice of your favorite brand of bread - one that can be topped with your favorite type of cheese.

Diet Cheese Toast Recipe Ingredients

1 slice of your favorite type of bread - containing about 50 calories
1 slice of 50 calorie cheese, we like skim based mozzarella cheese or gruyere
butter flavored cooking spray

How to Prepare Our Diet Cheese Toast Recipe

We used a 50-calorie slice of bread, which we dusted lightly with butter flavored cooking spray.

If you don't like the flavor of cooking spray - then feel free to use the refrigerated zero calorie butter-type sprays, or reduced fat margarine. The margarine will add a few calories to the toast, but not an unreasonable amount.

Pop the bread into the toaster or the toaster oven until golden. An oven broiler also works excellently.

Remove and top with a slice of reduced fat mozzarella cheese or your choice of reduced fat cheese. Gruyere makes one of the best choices because it almost melts when you look at it. Add a bit of eat - and it's so much fun to eat, it's melting powers cannot be beat - isn't that sweet?

Nonetheless, try to limit the amount of cheese calories to about 50 if you wish for your cheese toast to contain no more than 100 calories.

Isn't it cool how different varieties of foods have the ability to create totally different flavors? If we use white bread and the mozzarella, we have one flavor. We can add sauteed sliced button mushrooms and sun-ripened tomatoes to the recipe along with a lean protein such as pan-roasted chicken, and we suddenly have created a gourmet sandwich which is low in caloric values.

Now if we change the bread to rye or pumpernickel as well as the cheese from mozzarella to American white or cheddar, we have an entirely new recipe. The flavors are entirely different.Diet Bagel Sandwich Recipe

Let's prepare another gourmet sandwich, shall we?

Diet Poppy Seed Bagel Sandwich

Recipe Ingredients

2 slices of whole grain rye bread

Wait! Let's scratch that - and use a whole grain bagel. One that has poppy seeds dusted on the top. That's right; now let's toast the bagel and add the following ingredients:

Colby Cheese, reduced fat variety - 1 slice
3 Ounces of lean turkey breast, sliced any way you wish
leafy green lettuce leaves
sliced tomatoes of any variety
yellow mustard

How to Prepare This Diet Bagel Sandwich Recipe

Wait! Let's scratch the mustard and let's spread on honey mustard or better yet, what about spicy mustard? There we go again - just by using yellow, honey or spicy we can yet again completely change the flavor of our sandwich.

Let's also add a serving of fresh American green grapes to our meal plate along with a 1/2 cup serving of reduced fat cottage cheese.

This is so good - it's like we're not even on a weight loss plan. And you can eat like this each and every day while still losing weight. The key is using reduced fat foods, lean proteins - and watching what is used for spreading purposes in the areas of fat and caloric content. Another area to monitor is the values contained in the bagel. The bigger the bagel, the higher the values.

Also add one low calorie beverage to your meal plate. Let's eat, shall we?

Viceroy Sandwich Recipe

Low Fat Recipe Ingredients

2 Large Slices of Whole Grain Bread (80 calories each)
1 Slice of REAL Cheese (70 calories per slice)

1 Teaspoon Fat Free Honey Mustard

1 Thin Slice of Honey Ham (35 calories per slice)

Small Handful Sprouts PLUS Tomato Sliced Thinly
No Calorie Butter Spray
Salt & Pepper

Pickle or Green Olive  

Spray bread with no calorie spray until well coated. Place either inside toaster, or under broiler till top turns golden brown. Spread with honey mustard, add cheese, ham, sprouts & slices of tomato. Insert pickle slice or olive into Viceroy Sandwich with a pretty toothpick. Serves 1 for about 275 calories per serving.


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