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The Shadow of Things to Come - Weight Loss Photos: Before & After Pictures

We can either move forward or backwards when it comes to our future weight.

Oh that pesky weight! Up and down, then down and up and where it lands, nobody knows.....but, the shadow knows. Fortunately, we have the power to outwit the weight gain shadow.

Let's start here. Basically, there are a handful of things that drive our desire to eat.

Hunger & Appetite

Oh dear, it's the old Hunger Bugger and the Appetite Acrobat. Hunger is a completely different animal than appetite. Hunger may range from a mild stimulating sensation in the pit of the tummy which is heightened by the scent of food OR hunger may make itself known as a continuous gnawing sensation in the pit of the tummy due to starvation.

Appetite is a more picky fellow. When we're in a state of hunger, we'll eat almost-anything set before us, but when we're in a state of appetite, we tend to be very choosy when picking our foods. Rather than striving to satisfy our hunger needs, we're seeking to satisfy our appetite. It's also important to note that our taste buds control appetite while our brains control hunger.

Moods and Current Emotional State

We may eat for comfort when we're sad, or for joy when we're glad. If we are dealing with obesity-related issues, these may have taken root in our early childhood or adulthood based on experiences and relationships, whether good or bad. We may have 'owned' a Mommy Marvelous who innocently taught us to associate fun with food.

We may have experienced a rough relationship with a friend, a lover, a boss, a co-worker or a family member which was so emotionally damaging that we sought-out comfort in the way of food. We may have embarked upon a lovely life-changing adventure going forward - such as a marriage. And when we reach a certain point of happiness, it's easy to lose track of the foods and beverages we consume.

Health Level & Sense of Well-Being

During times of wellness we may drink and be way too merry. And when we're sick, we may eat more to feel better. And when we're pregnant, we-ladies tend to eat for two and sometimes three or four.

Love of Food

Many individuals eat more than they should simply because they love to eat. Yes, it's that simple - and it's perfectly okay to admit such. So many times we feel like we must blame a particular situation or circumstance in our life to justify our behavior, but it's not necessary. Besides, for whatever reason one put on extra pounds, it's THEIR personal business.

The Old Gene Pool

Some of us like to refer to the old gene pool as the old Weight Gain Cesspool because the composition of our genes are a significant factor in our weight - our destiny. If obesity runs in the family, it has a great potential to also run us down, leaving tire track marks all over our little bodies - heartless, cruel and at times, without warning. But take heart, because those of us who have a fatter gene pool can indeed retain or reach our recommended healthy weights. Sure, it's more difficult, but certainly achievable!


While the richer individuals may overeat because they have any food they desire at their fingertips, prepared by the best chefs if they wish - the poor may overeat because it's their only form of entertainment. At the local market, pre-packaged treats are much less expensive than fresh fruits and vegetables. While an apple costs seventy-five cents each, a box of one dozen packaged treats may cost only a quarter more, particularly when one shops at the dollar stores.

before and after weight loss picturesBefore & After Photos of Weight Loss, The Shadow of Things to Comebefore and after pictures and photos
of weight loss

When viewing the photos of Luke and Daisy to the right and left of our screen, we may at least assume three things:

1. The AFTER & BEFORE Photos of Weight Gain

Luke and Daisy are at their recommended weight right now but unless they keep control of their daily diet rather than allowing their taste buds and tummy to take control, their shadows are outlined with the weighty things to come as time goes by. Slowly, the weight will creep onto the body as the excess calories(energy) from the foods and beverages that they have consumed are stored in their fat cells, thus increasing the sizes of their bodies. Note that Daisy would gain weight in different areas than Luke, and likewise.

2. The BEFORE & AFTER Photos of Weight Loss

We could also assume that Luke and Daisy are viewing shadow-photos of their former selves before achieving dieting success. Although Luke and Daisy are aware of how difficult and challenging it was to drop those excess pounds, they are equally aware that the biggest challenge lies ahead.

Again, they must keep control of their daily diet rather than allowing their taste buds and tummy to take control or slowly, the weight will creep onto the body as the excess calories (energy) from the foods and beverages that they have consumed are stored in their fat cells, thus increasing the sizes of their bodies.

Unfortunately, once our bodies experience significant weight gain, when pounds are re-gained, they tend to pile on much more quickly than they did initially. Fat cells are wonderful life-savers in the event of illness and in times of hunger where food isn't readily available as the body pulls energy from them. On the flip-side, fat cells are wicked giants when Fat Cell Gangs are created - just waiting to be filled to their desired plumpness. We can call fat cells our mini-camels.

3. The BEFORE & AFTER Weight Gain Photos of The Gene Pool, Mother-Daughter & Father-Son

We could also assume that we are viewing pictures of a Daisy standing beside a picture her mother who is outlined in the shadows and of Luke standing beside his father who is outlined in the shadows.

As mentioned above, our gene pool strongly influences what we weigh. And not only must we battle harder to achieve and maintain our recommended weight, we have more cow bells entering the equation....such as the poor daily diet from our childhood.

Overweight parents tend to pass on their bad eating habits to their children, in innocence. No parent wants their child to end up with weighty issues. Simply put, overweight parents more often than not do not realize the health damage they are inflicting upon their children - or that they are setting them up for significant health issues in their future. Overweight parents may be emotionally struggling in dealing with their personal weight issues, not knowing how or what to do about such.

The great news is that there is so much dieting and weight loss information available in today's world. Individuals are becoming very aware of how a healthy diet combined with a healthy dose of activity can not only increase life span, but can also create a healthier body that just looks and feels better.

Formula for Weight Loss Success

If you find that you're huffing and puffing just to tie your shoes, or if you're having to stretch out on the bed just to zip your jeans, or if you haven't seen your tootsies in quite a long time - then NOW is the time to start a new chapter in your life - the chapter that leads to a better, stronger, healthier, happier you.

Diet Bites contains thousands of articles dealing with weight loss and dieting and is an authoritative source for this information. We do not recommend wild techniques or crazy pills for dieting or weight loss. Our for Weight Loss Success is:

Weight Loss Step 1.

Visit your doctor to rule out hidden diseases that may be contributing to your weight issues BEFORE beginning ANY weight loss or diet plan, as well as to ensure that your current state of health will allow you to proceed with dieting. While you're there, also ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to walk 15-20 minutes per day OR 45 minutes three times per week. Also verify your recommended weight and ask if you will require any special dietary needs based on your current level of health. We have a Recommended Weight Chart that can be used as a pattern, located here. Note that 'recommended weight' should never be set in stone.

All of the following factors influence what an individual weighs: age, muscle mass, gender, height, body frame size. Only YOU know which weight you are most comfortable at, and which weight is best for your healthiest state. Adjust accordingly as you reach the recommended weight number, again - provided as a pattern.

If you are pregnant or a nursing mom, or if you have a substantial amount of weight to lose such as one hundred or more pounds, or if you are dealing with certain health conditions or a particular emotional state, you should never attempt a weight loss program without the closely-monitored assistance of your doctor.

Weight Loss Step 2.

After you have determined your recommended weight, base your daily diet on the Official Food Pyramid Groups, and the recommended servings. Our charts that can assist located here. At this link, you will find links that lead to the recommended daily calories based on weight as well as links that list how many calories can be burned per activity. If you wish to track your weight loss success, we have charts which can be printed for your personal use located here.

Note that your calorie intake is influenced by many factors such as age, activity level, gender, height, body frame size, muscle mass, the climate, metabolism rate and current state of health. Recommended calorie intake should never be set in stone due to such, and should never go below 1,200 calories per day because the body's nutritional needs would be hard-pressed to be satisfied below that energy level.

Weight Loss Step 3.

Rather than going on a severe calorie-restricted weight loss or diet plan, simply eat the number of calories required by your recommended weight. A weight loss of one to two pounds per week has been proven in health studies to have a much higher risk of staying off permanently over quick weight loss. One only needs to examine the facts from popular television shows promoting quick weight loss to show that quick weight loss generally equals an increased risk of health complications during the weight loss process, as well as after - and dieters are apt to re-gain the weight lost in addition to more pounds. All that for nothing.

Weight Loss Step 4.

Exercise by walking 15-20 minutes per day or 45 minutes three times per week. Also embrace other activities that get you on the move - whether it's shooting hoops or shopping at the mall. And yes, park that little car-car so that you get in a good walk on the way inside, and do avoid OR at least make healthy food and beverage choices at those alluring mall bistros.

Weight Loss Step 5.

Dump the stress and make sure you get your forty winks each and every night. While you're at it, dump OR limit over the counter drugs, carbonated beverages and caffeine-gorged beverages. The best cure for many common ills is weight loss in combination with vanishing drugs from our delicate system.

Weight Loss Step 6.

Fiber, Protein & Carbohydrates are important Foodnotes™. Both fiber and protein can assist in satisfying your appetite for hours to come. Fiber also assists in keeping the digestive system 'moving right along' in a healthy direction. Carbohydrates have received a big fat X in many fad diet plans, but health studies have shown that individuals who embrace a complex-carb-rich diet tend to keep off the weight over those dieters who steer away from carbs. In addition, the healthy Food Pyramid recommends a diet rich in complex-carbs.

Weight Loss Step 7.

Finally, most importantly - strive to be happy with the person you are TODAY. If we continually live in the 'tomorrow' we miss out on all the fun and opportunities of the day. Weight should never govern our worth as a person. We are all special in our on right. So good luck and many good wishes to you, our reader, and may you only experience the very best in life.


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