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Questions Relating to Diet, Weight Loss & Fitness

1. Diet & Getting Sick Easily - Does an individual experience a higher risk of getting ill amid the weight loss phase?

2. Feeling Like A Diet Failure - Do you feel like a failure where your diet is concerned? If so, you're not alone as another Diet Bites reader poses this very question to us.

3. Diet & Potassium Needs - How much potassium do you require per day?

4. Calories in Fruit - How many calories in fruits and what are your best choices while dieting.

5. Can I Enjoy Nuts While Dieting? - Nuts are typically taboo for dieters but they can provide essential nutrients, healthy fat while adding a dose of healthy protein to the daily diet. We've got the scoop on nuts and dieting - and yes, dieting can make one nuts at times, can't it?

6. Breastfeeding & Dieting - Should you attempt to go on a weight loss plan while you are breastfeeding? We have answers to this popular question.

7. Diet Pills & Dieting - Visit your local drug department at your favorite store and you'll find more weight loss supplements and diet pills than you can shake a willow tree limb at. How effective are they for weight loss? Are they safe? What might the possible side effects be?

8. Low Calorie Foods That Are Filling - Our suggested foods that serve to be filling and offer significant satiety powers.

9. Seniors, Weight Loss & Fitness - No matter how old you are you can still be young and heart and live the good life by embracing a better level of health. The daily diet is a great place to start - and we have so much more great advice on this topic.

10. Snacks & TV Time - What are your best snack choices for tv time?

11. French Fry Substitute for Dieting - Is there anything that can replace the humble fry? We've got some stellar suggestions that will come to the rescue!

12. She Said - He Said - She asked and we responded.

13. He Said - She Said - He asked and we responded.

14. How Long Will It Take To Lose 100 Pounds? - If you have 100 or more pounds to lose you may feel like or think that you're among the very few who need to lose more than a few. In fact, 100 or more pounds overweight appears to be a very popular number for individuals seeking weight loss in today's world. We'll show you how to beat weight gain and get back on track with a healthy daily diet.

15. Great Tasting Diet Soda - We did a taste test and offer our favorite diet soda suggestions.

16. Unexplained Weight Gain - If you're experiencing weight gain and can't pinpoint the reason why, perhaps this article can assist.

17. Fruitcake Question - Oh my, our reader went overboard eating too much fruitcake. How much weight will she possibly gain?

18. Cigarettes & Second Hand Smoke Question - Fitness - Tips for individuals seeking to quit smoking without weight gain.


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