Weight Gain Cycle
Will Somebody Get Me Off This Crazy Ride?

Causes of weight gain & the weight gain cycle
including charts & an amusing ending.

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Weight Gain Chart - The Cycle of Weight Gain & Weight Gain Patterns

It's hard to believe that we all start out in life at about the same weight - give or take just a few pounds or ounces. Then slowly, but surely most of us tend to pack on pounds as time goes by.

During our younger years, our metabolisms tend to be as boisterous as we are, then as we age -  so do our metabolisms. To add to the Weight Gain Pot, we slow down our activity levels. If we're not mindful of what we eat, the pounds fly swiftly onto our hips and thighs.

Although bigger breasts are a plus - for women, at least - all the other extra cushion we could do without.

But weight loss is hard, particularly when you come home from a hard day's work and just want to plant yourself in front of the tube with the trusty old comfort food.

Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain can be connected to a myriad of situations and conditions - from cranky bosses and stressful mother-in-laws to physical conditions that require the expertise of a doctor.  These situations and conditions present a common thread that can help us to understand what triggers weight gain so that we can 'gain' better control of our weight.

Here are a few of the more common causes of weight gain:

Double up please! Our work pattern has evolved over the years and society tends to eat like the pioneers did in the Plow Days.  

Supersizing has supersized a good many of we-humans.

Drowning in too much beer, alcohol, and sodas  which tend to be extreme in calories and help over-pad the bones.

Stress can trigger weight gain by kicking in a need to enter our Comfort Zone.  So we reach for our trusty comfort food - the cookies, the donuts or the cheese nachos to help pacify our needs much like a pacifier pacifies an infant during moments of stress.

After all, if we really think about it, we are nothing more than grown babies ourselves. Those same moments that we held yesteryear for desired-contentment follow us all the days of our lives, even grown hairy-legged women.

Pregnancy and hormone woes can wreak weight gain havoc.

Holidays, parties and magical events can make extra pounds magically appear.

Even a deprived sex life can send some individuals into their Comfort Zone seeking comfort in their trusty old comfort foods.

Allergies, medications, thyroid conditions - these are just a few conditions that can run-up the numbers on the weight scales.

YoYo dieting can not only pack on pounds, it's very hard on the body. Diet, Binge. Diet, Binge. It's one viscous circle.

How does all of the extra weight add up?

Let's take a look at the illustration below. The blue arrows represent the gradual rate of weight gain. In our illustration, the weight gain is gradual, but many times individuals will gain weight in spurts throughout their life. After the spurt of weight gain, their weight may remain steady for many years.

Weight Gain Chart 2 - The Cycle of Weight Gain & Weight Gain Patterns

The red dotted lines going downward represent Diet Time. The red arrows climbing up represent weight gain following Diet Time.

Here are a few straggling thoughts:

Many times a dieter will end up at a higher weight than before they began their diet which makes it so important for the diet to end up as  a success.

Interestingly enough, in individuals who keep a close watch on their weight, there appears to be a gradual decline in their weight after they reach their mid-fifties.

Holidays can trigger a five pound or more weight gain.

Most individuals in need of losing weight tend to continue to gain weight as time goes by - a great reason to go on a diet NOW rather than waiting, as there will probably be less weight to lose!  

The Old Diet Crown - Kings & Queens of Dieting

When Tom and I removed the top line of our weight gain graph, we discovered a crown of sorts which we defined as The Old Diet Crown. It's a very heavy crown, a very colorful crown and it can tell the Diet History of one's life.  

Weight Gain Chart 3 - The Cycle of Weight Gain & Weight Gain Patterns

The good news is that no matter how old we are OR how many diets we have tried, we can begin to build a healthier body starting this very minute. 

We can lose all the weight, feel better, look better, gain energy instead of weight, gain self-esteem instead of weight - and who needs a crown when they have all the Diet Glory?

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