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Keeping Track of Calories Assists in Keeping Weight Loss on Track

Before we get started on the benefits of tracking food and drink while dieting, let's provide the links to our printable charts.

The charts vary in values because more energy values in the eating plan require more kcals; more muscle mass does as well - and if you're extremely active, then you'll also be able to add more energy values to your plan.

Number of KCALS:1,200 | 1,400 | 1,600 | 1,800 | 2,000 | 2,200 | 2,400 | 2,600 | 2,800 | 3,000 | 3,200

Start by printing out the 1,200 calorie sheet then using the pertinent page to determine the recommended amount of food you need to add to meet your daily total.

Why is Tracking Vital to Success

Let's pretend that you're going on vacation in a few short weeks. Let's assume that you live in the southern region of the country and you want to travel to the tropical state of Hawaii. Would you just wait until the first day of your vacation arrived or would you start planning weeks - or perhaps months in advance for your journey? Well, of course you'd plan ahead rather than waiting. You'd probably start by booking your flight, then your hotel - or you'd make other lodging arrangements. Then you would probably start to purchase a few outfits and other gear that you'll need for your trip.

This doesn't mean that you can't wait until the final moment - and simply wing-it. But more likely than not, by utilizing that extra time before your time off arrives, you'll be more likely to enjoy a more relaxed trip - and a more productive one, too.

Let's shift gears to the weight loss journey; it's exactly that - a trip into the unknown. You'll never know what new adventures you'll encounter on your journey. It may be a very quick one if you only have a little to lose, or quite a long one if you have a lot of unwanted baggage.

By mapping out the path you want to follow, as with your vacation trip - you'll be more likely to enjoy a relaxed, more productive experience.

That Oh-So-Important Checklist

What's the first thing that one needs on their checklist? A back-up plan. This is one of the most vital elements which influence a successful plan.

Other things that should be on the list include:

Revised favorite recipes that are lower in dietary fat content as well as calories;

Any tools that might assist such as a pedometer, a bathroom scale, measuring cups and spoons, a good pair of tennis or walking shoes, sunscreen, gloves, hand warmers, sunshades and a bottle of water for hydration purposes.

Don't forget your willpower and motivation! Be sure to bookmark us and we'll certainly do all that is humanly possible to keep you in focus for success!

The Back-Up Plan

Let's assume that on your vacation the weather chooses to be uncooperative. Rain and additional rain are in the forecast for the entire week. Lucky you - because as you mapped your adventure, you also created a back-up plan just in case Plan A didn't work out.

So yes, it's a bummer that you can't build sand castles on the beach as you had planned. However, you can still visit the museums and other tourist attractions in the area - and who knows, the foul weather just might take a break at some point in the day - or in the week ahead.

This mode of thinking can work quite effectively when it involves your weight loss plan. For example, Ann was going out to eat lunch with her coworkers on casual Friday.

They had chosen a Mexican restaurant and Ann was acutely aware that most of the menu selections were extreme in dietary fat, caloric, cholesterol and sodium content. None of these factors great news as she was trying to lose fifty pounds of unhealthy fat.

She decided to visit the restaurant's website and view their nutritional guide which they had posted for their customers. True to her assumptions, the entrees were out of the ball park in all of the suspected areas. However, there were several items on the menu that would fit into her plan - like the sizzling chicken fajitas. And there were also the steak version as well as some light, reduced fat tacos which were prepared with 100% extra lean seasoned ground beef.

And boy, was Ann glad that she had studied the nutritional guide before she had arrived at the restaurant as they were all out of fajitas. Taking time out to plan had paid off and she was able to enjoy her meal without the guilt.

In Summary

No matter how short or how long that it will take you to lose those unhealthy layers of fat, you'll most likely experience a productive outcome by pre-planning rather than playing things by ear.

Example of 2,200 Calorie Diet | Example of 2,400 Calorie Diet

Example of 2,600 Calorie Diet | Example of 2,800 Calorie Diet

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