1800 Calorie Diet Recommended Daily Protein Servings

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Required Amount Based on 1800 Kcals Per Day

Five ounces will fulfill your daily amount. These selections are examples of good choices:

1 ounce of turkey or other poultry
1/2 cup of cooked chick peas
1/2 ounce of hulled pecans

Low Calorie Recipes Featuring Beans

Fiber rich, filling and low in calories and fat - dried beans make an awesome addition to the healthy weight loss plan.

While we make use of the convenient canned varieties, you can cook them from scratch if you wish. I remember when I was a kid how my mom used to add strips of bacon or chunks of salt pork to her bean pot. When times were good, and those were few and far between, she was able to add a ham bone.

A time or two however, my little brother and myself talked her out of her prized bone so we could give it to our winnie dog. One time we could not find the cleaned bone after giving it to our dog Daisy but a day or so of searching lead us to the flower bed area by the back porch. There was a huge pile of dirt pilled up against the concrete; that silly little girl had stood the bone up and kicked up dirt to cover it rather than digging a hole and giving it a proper burial.

Now let's move forward to our delicious legume based recipes 0 and each makes several servings so that you can share with the family or have leftovers for the work lunch.

Bean Salad Marinated With Fruit Based Dressing

We're going to stuff this recipe with a lot of different varieties of beans then finish it off with a sweet dressing. Because we're using canned beans, the ingredients will come together very quickly.

Bean Salad Recipe Ingredients & Preparation Notes

Use the medium size can of these varieties:
dark kidney, light kidney, green beans (not French cut) and wax yellow beans

You will also need: 1/2 to 1 cup of a sweet Raspberry Walnut salad dressing that is a reduced fat version OR you can use sweet poppy seed or French - again in the low fat variety.

Open the cans, then thoroughly drain. A colander can be used to make the job even quicker. Place the beans into a deep bowl and mix in the dressing; stir to thoroughly coat. Serve cold with your meal and seal any leftovers in a container.

Bean Tacos, Recipe Ingredients & Preparation Notes

1 can of drained seasoned pinto beans; there will be plenty of seasonings remaining on the beans after they are drained.
Hard pre-cooked and formed corn taco shells OR you can opt for steamed flour tortillas if you wish.
Salad Mix: chopped lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, onion.

Simply heat the beans and add a thin layer to the bottom of a heated tortilla shell. Top with the salad mixture; add shredded low fat cheese, slices of jalapeno pepper, picante sauce, salsa, Pico de Gallo, low fat sour cream or your favorite peppers and hot sauce to the tacos if you wish. A side of Spanish rice goes wonderfully well with this diet taco recipe.

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