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The Basic Steps for Losing Weight

Our Pyramid Diet is based on the USDA Food Pyramid daily food recommendations with the idea that when an individual eats the recommended daily calories for their recommended weight, the extra weight will naturally come off.   Basically, it's the closest thing that one can get to a 'no-diet diet'.

We have kept The Pyramid Diet as simple as possible. Here are the basic steps:

1. Determine recommended weight by clicking here.

2. Determine daily calorie needs based on weight by clicking here.

3. Combine daily menus with moderate activity.   By clicking here, the individual can see how many calories a specific activity will burn in calories.

4. Each Calorie-Needs chart contains Discretionary Calories.   We encourage individuals to use both the Discretionary Calorie Allotment and any unused Fat Allotment Calories to enjoy the foods that they like.   In other words, you can spend these calories any way that you like!

5. There are also several charts that outline which types of food - and how much food an individual needs based on weight.   Food Group Servings Located Here | Serving Sizes Guide Located Here

6. Use the Diet Bites Calorie Index to help calculate Daily Calorie Intake.   Diet Bites Calorie Index Here - contains calorie content for hundreds of basic foods

7. The Pyramid Diet recommends foods closest to their natural state which translates to less fat and less calories.   Example: Rather than frying onions in batter and oil, instead try using no-calorie cooking spray and sliced onions in their natural state  for a fantastic sauté.   Try cutting butter servings in half.   Rather than reaching for a regular soda several times per day, try limiting sodas to a couple of times per day.   Enjoy good-old, crystal clear water instead.

8. There are so many articles at Diet Bites that were written to motivate individuals seeking to lose weight. We are behind you 100% and want you to succeed!   These articles can help almost anyone stay motivated during the weight loss process and may even generate new ideas that can be used while losing weight.

9. Another important Key to Weight Loss Success is relaxation.   Whether it's getting those important winks at night, or enjoying a hobby - it all adds up to a happier lifestyle.

10. We highly recommend that anyone considering a weight loss reduction plan visit with  their physician. Many times, hidden illness can trigger weight gain and more importantly, threaten good health.   The Pyramid Diet is not intended to take the place for the advice of a physician.

We hope that The Pyramid Diet will assist our valued readers with not only weight loss, but weight maintenance, too!   Please share us with your friends and family.


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