2000 Calorie Diet: How Many Servings of Grain
Do You Need Each Day?

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For the 2000 Calorie Diet, the daily recommendation equals six ounces of grain per day. What is considered a serving size? Any of the following:

1/4 cup of granola cereal or 1/2 cup of bran or 1 cup of corn flakes

1 slice of Jewish Rye bread

1/2 cup of cooked pasta

Desserts Often Carbohydrate Based

All purpose flour as well as other grains often are the base for many favorite tasty dessert recipes. White all-purpose flour is the base for muffins, cakes, pie crusts, breads and bagels that we bring to our eating plan.

While all of these foods are prepared with a wheat grain, some are healthier choices than others. For example, the breads and bagels make a more healthy choice than a wedge of pie or a slice of cake - even if the subject is a slice of sponge cake.

So what is the defining difference in these healthier foods in comparison to the unwise choices? After all, they all have a flour base.

The difference is the nutritional composite of the food. The wiser choices are known as the complex carbohydrates while the unhealthier selections are known as the simple carbohydrate foods.

Some carb-restricted diets ban all types of carbohydrates from the eating plan - or severely limit them, while others recommend omitting the simple subjects from the diet and embracing the complex.

The later types of these fad diets make the wiser road to travel towards fat loss - but to be clear, we cannot recommend a carbohydrate restricted plan. All of ours are based on the official Food Pyramid. And if one thinks about it - we don't find pies, cakes and Cheese Danish residing in the basic five essential food groups - but we will find components that go into the recipe that do reside is one or more of the groups.

Diet Apple Tart Recipe

This is one of our most beloved recipes and it is so beautiful, once completed. To make swift work in the kitchen and cut preparation time, when shopping at the market visit the dairy case as well as the frozen food section of the market. Your mission is to check the nutrition labels on the boxes and packages of prepared pie crust dough.

Look at the total caloric values, the distribution of fat, for any cholesterol content as well as the sodium content. These are the central pitfalls in commercially produced products that can cancel out any healthy benefits found in the food. As to fats - steer clear of the saturated variety.

Diet Apple Tart Recipe Ingredients

2 cups of apples, sliced - use any variety that you wish, from Red Delicious to Gala to Granny Smith.
1/2 cup of granulated sugar - you can use sugar substitutes, but the sugar is a more natural alternative for the body.
2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 Tablespoon of reduced fat margarine (limit to 50 kcals)
cornstarch for thickening purposes
1 single pie crust - roll it out as thin as possible once it reaches room temperature.

How to Prepare Our Diet Apple Tart Recipe

Fit the thin crust into a non-stick tart pan that has been treated with cooking spray to discourage sticking. Place into the oven and bake as directed on the package.

If you don't have apples on hand, then you can use peaches or pears instead.

Peel and core the apples, then cut them into slices. Boil in a bit of water until they are tender, adding the ground cinnamon. Next, remove the apple slices but reserve the water. You should have about 1 to 2 cups of liquid. Stir in the vanilla extract, then add a mixture of cornstarch and water that has been stirred into a loose paste. Look at the directions on the cornstarch container to see how much you'll need for the amount of liquid that you have in the pot. Add just a bit of the mixture at a time so that you can control the level of thickness.

Arrange the apples in a spiral pattern on the tart pan. Pour the thickened mixture on top and allow to fully cool before serving.

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