3000 Calorie Diet: How Many Fruits
Do You Need Each Day?

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For those who are on a 3000 calorie daily diet, their body requires 2.5 cups of fruit per day.

The amount of kcals in this plan is equivalent to about 100 plums, 60 cups of diced watermelon, 50 cups of honeydew melon balls, about 176 apricots, 107 thin slices of fresh sweet pineapple, 71 kiwis, 65 cups of whole strawberries, and about 36 cups of fresh blueberries.

Of course, a healthy eating plan isn't built upon one specific Food Group in the Pyramid - rather the basic five. But the fantastic perk in regards to this group is that it tends to be friendly with all of the others. Let's look at a few examples:

Grain Group

Let's take a small water-based bagel - just one half of it and top it with a serving of fresh fruit peach preserves for an additional 40 kcals. This makes an excellent choice for snack time or for breakfast when paired with a boiled or scrambled egg.

Time for a boring rice cake - and when we say 'boring' well, we mean exactly that. But apple butter or applesauce can ramp-up the flavors for about 25 kcals which adding nutritional benefits to the rice cake. If you're not in the mood for a rice cake, then what about a slice of whole grain bread to pair with the applesauce? Try to stick to those brands which contain no more than 50 calories per slice.

We have a lovely wedge of skinny sponge cake sitting on a beautiful decorative plate just begging to be topped with fresh slices of strawberry and topped with a serving of low fat topping or whipped cream.

Vegetable Group

When preparing salads, try to add chopped fruit; apples work exceptionally well, particularly if the salad ingredients include lean ham and reduced fat cheese.

Add fresh slices of strawberry to baby spinach along with a fruit based dressing or low fat balsamic vinegar. Adding a sliced boiled egg will increase protein benefits.

Protein Group

Combine grape jelly with bottled chili sauce and you'll have an excellent glaze for low fat cuts of your favorite meats. This sauce goes well with reduced fat appetizer sausages as well as other pork selections.

Like nut butters such as peanut, almond, cashew and hazelnut? Rather than adding sugar, add a ripened mashed banana instead.

For about 112 kcals, a bowl of Cream of Wheat can be enjoyed; it contains about 3.5 protein grams. Add slices of a small banana and the protein climbs to 4.5 grams.

Dairy Group

Prepare your own inexpensive skinny shakes by blending fresh fruits and berries with reduced fat milk. If the fruits are frozen, you won't need to add extra ice; if not - add just a couple of cubes to the blender for thickening purposes.

Cream cheese isn't the healthiest food on the planet, but if you purchase the reduced fat, whipped varieties and limit serving size, when blended with fruit - you can enjoy a tasty treat. This combination makes an excellent spread for grain selections.

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