2800 Calorie Diet: How Many Fruits
Do You Need Each Day?

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For the 2800 Calorie Diet, the daily recommendation equals 2.5 cups of fruit per day.

Sugar vs Natural

Actually, sugar is a natural product but in order to go from the can to the sugar bowl it must go through a refining process. Of course, wheat does too - and it's considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

When enjoyed in moderation, any food should be able to proudly sit on the meal plate - or be tucked into a favorite family recipe or be part of snacking time.

But because sugar contains so many empty calories - which means that it doesn't offer much in the area of vitamins and minerals, there are healthier options for your weight loss plan.

Here is where we enter the healthy Fruit Group; so many naturally grown, naturally delicious selections. They substitute nicely for desserts. Sure, a triple decker wedge of chocolate cake topped with fudge sauce is divine! If we have to choose between the decadent chocolate cake and a peach, pear, apple, banana or any other fresh fruit - most of us will opt for the cake most of the time.

But when we're choosing, we're not actually making a choice over which food tastes better, are we? Fact is, what we're really doing is making the choice that will influence the readings on our bathroom scales - what we weigh. When we haven't exceeded the number of calories needed by our body to maintain our recommended weight - and if the cake doesn't exceed that number, then if we opt for the chocolate wedge of wonderment, we won't experience an increase on the bathroom scales.

Everything in Moderation

While this is just fine to do in moderation - no matter if the subject in question is cake, apple pie, a Cheese Danish or even a doughnut - every now and then is fine. Trouble tends to enter the fitness equation when we make these types of choices every day, going without the foods that our body requires for optimum health and living on goodies instead.

We may never experience any ill health effects from our choices - such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other diseases, because much depends upon our gene pool. On the other hand, we may faint like a fly in a snowstorm, and regret ever looking at that special something that held too many empty calories.

Natural is Best for the Human Body

Fact is, foods that are close to their natural state such as fresh fruits - they are more acceptable to the body's needs, thus are able to go through the digestive process more efficiently.

No-no foods can be enjoyed in moderation, but healthier food choices are always best because they hold more nutritional values that the body needs. If we were planning a trip to the beach in the middle of summer, we certainly wouldn't pack our winter coat, now would we? Of course not! We'd pack our swimming suit, perhaps some goggles - as well as the sunscreen, a beach towel and a beach ball, but not the coat. Why not? Because we don't need it. The same applies to the foods that we eat. While the body needs natural foods from the basic food groups, it's doesn't need extra empty calories - particularly when they work to weigh the body down.

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