2600 Calorie Diet: How Many Fruits
Do You Need Each Day?

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The Serving Recommendations

The recommended serving amount for the 2600 calorie diet equals 2 cups of fruit per day.

The kcal content in this daily plan is a very nice amount and ensures that all of the essential Food Group servings can be easily made a part of the day's meal plates and snack times.

Take note that the energy amounts associated with this plan are not idea and exceed the commonly used 2000 kcal plan by 600 calories. For those who are highly active or who are employed in high impact jobs, this plan may be perfect.

Eating in Excess is Accompanied With Negative Rewards

We dare say that everyone knows that when there are too many calories in an individual's eating plan, the result is going to be an increase in the number of pounds on the bathroom scales. The term 'pounds' is just a kinder way of saying 'fat'. Let's discuss fat as well as other key areas that are impact when too much bacon ends up on the be-hind.

Unhealthy Wads of Body Fat

These pockets tend to collect in the most undesired places - the upper arms, the abdominal area, on the hips and thighs and beneath the chin. No one likes waddles under their chin and for the individual who remains overweight as they age, this is often the result as muscles and tissues lose their elasticity and gravity takes control.

The good news is that once the fat cells have been expressed through safe dieting, the body will bounce back into its former shape unless a significant amount of weight has been lost.

For those females who have carried children - you know the negatives that are related to the skin during the pregnancy. These 'scars' are carried with us throughout our life - and for we-shorter women, we tend to have more than taller women because there is no room for the baby to grow excepting outwards. The same applies to the breast area; small breasted women tend to have less stretch marks than big-breasted women amid pregnancy.

Where weight is involved, when too much is gained the same thing happens as during pregnancy; the skin stretches with the added fat - thus resulting in stretch marks.

Nutrition Suffers

While overweight people are often considered to be 'too healthy', the opposite generally applies. Most are malnourished because they don't pull the foods contained in their daily eating plan from the healthy food groups.

Weight Gain: When what you can't see really can hurt you.

Finally, let's come full circle with the things that we discussed at the beginning of this article. While gaining pounds is a miserable situation, we're often more concerned about how those impact the way that we look.

All too often we forget to think about how they impact our activity level, of how they can make us feel, of how they have the ability to set off situations within the body that can trigger diseases and illnesses - and most importantly perhaps, the way that they negatively impact the internal workings, the vital organs and the functioning of the human body.

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