2000 Calorie Diet: How Many Fruits
Do You Need Each Day?

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On a 2000 Calorie Diet plan? Fact is, it's the most common number of daily kcals because it satisfied the needs of most individuals - and is the standard caloric amount used in nutritional data as well as nutrition label recommendations and the content of the essential vitamins and nutrients contained within the product.

The Daily Recommendation

You will need a minimum of two cups of fruit per day - which can come to the table in the form of fresh, canned, dried or frozen.

Keep in mind that not all calories from fruits arrive to the eating plan containing the same number. This is why it is important to map out the selections that will easily fit into your plan.

Let's take a look at Delta and see how she managed this area.

Her daily set total for kcals equaled 2000. She had planned all of her meals to eat throughout the day. On former plans, she had simply set a caloric total - then had chosen foods as the day progressed for her meal plate, adding up the totals as she went along. Simply put, she was winging it.

She made an important discovery by using this process. Fact was, she felt better on some days than others. So she started to jot down which of her selections belonged in the five basic food groups - you know the ones; they live and actually make-up the official American Food Pyramid.

Working Food Requirements Into the Meal Plan

She discovered that on the days that she didn't feel 100% she wasn't satisfying all of the food groups. In fact, they were quite imbalanced on the days that she felt poorly - as well as the following day. One day, she would have too many servings of vegetables yet was lacking in the grain and fruit area.

She did okay where the dairy and protein group were concerned because she always enjoyed low fat milk with her meal plates which satisfied the dairy group recommendation. As to protein, she loved legumes so she always had a serving for either lunch or dinner. And she enjoyed a boiled egg or a lean strip of jerky for her morning and evening snacks as they tended to stick with her and worked excellently in curbing hunger.

As to the vegetables, she got into a pattern of enjoying one salad which contained a minimum of four cups of mixed raw vegetables - thus ensuring that her vegetable servings were met. But the grain and fruit groups presented challenges. Her body required a minimum of six selections per day which equaled a serving of any of the following: a corn or flour tortilla, rice cake, 1/2 water based bagel, slice of bread, a serving of hot or cold cereal or 1/2 cup of steamed rice.

So she worked to ensure that she had ample grains in her three main meals, particularly for lunch and dinner.

Now, she was only left with the rather fun task of inputting fruit selections into her eating plan. She decided to do such for the three daily meals because she liked her current selections for snack times.

On this particular day, she had reached 1875 kcals which left her 125 to work with in order to meet her set total of 2000 kcals. This wasn't many kcals to work with but she couldn't find other areas of her plan where she could trim back on anything. Let's see which selections she can add to her three meals, shall we? Any of the following will count as a serving size.

Selection Based on 1 cup unless stated otherwise




Watermelon, diced or balls


Apricots, 3


Cantaloupe, cubed


Plum, 1 medium


Honeydew Melon, diced


Whole Strawberries, raw


As we can see - Delta has a lot of healthy selections to choose from.

In Summary

When attempting to lose those unwanted layers of fat, wise meal planning can certainly lead to such and in a healthy way!

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