1400 Calorie Diet: How Many Fruits
Do You Need Each Day?

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Daily Recommendations, Tips for Dieters

Add a minimum of one and one-half cups to your eating plan. Our tips for getting sufficient fruit into your day include:

Add chopped and sliced specimens to vegetable style salads.

Dried fruits also work well in salads - as well as tucked into low fat yogurt.

Add fresh chopped fruit to low fat servings of frozen yogurt.

Pineapple and a serving of low fat small or large curd cottage cheese makes a refreshing side dish to accompany the meal plate, as well as a healthy snack.

About the 1400 Calorie Diet

Let's begin by saying that this plan is definitely not for everyone who is seeking to lose fat. If we were to place a construction worker on this restricted amount of kcals, he would likely faint by day's end. In addition, teens, adolescents and young children should never attempt a weight loss plan without being under the direct supervision of a qualified professional health care giver.

Every one of us requires a specific number of kcals per day in order to satisfied personal dietary needs. The multitude of charts and so-called 'sage' advice that is encountered on the web should never be used in making rash decisions that have the potential to have a negative impact on your health or your finances. The data charts should only be used as a pattern - or a map for planning fitness goals; they can provide you with an idea of the most common measurements of human weight, the amount of food and the types that contribute to good health.

As to children, their dietary needs are continually changing to satisfy their growth rate. While a three year old toddler requires from one thousand to thirteen hundred kcals per day, the four to six year old child need up to seventeen hundred.

A teen may require as little as twelve hundred kcals per day or more than four thousand, based on their height, body frame size, age and their activity level. A young man who is involved in aggressive sports is going to require many more kcals per day than one who prefers video games.

The same applies to the individual who is working in a high impact construction job. The energy needs may appear excessive to the normal office worker and the amount of food that they need to consume throughout their day to maintain their recommended weight. Because a lot of muscle is used amid construction work, more protein values may be needed in the diet along with foods high in carbohydrates for quick energy needs.

For adult women, they are presented with the challenges of pregnancy, lactation and in most situations, contraceptives are taken to manage pregnancies. All of these situations encourage the accumulation of body fat in the thighs, buttock and breast areas. There is just no getting around it; in order to quell the unwanted build-up of fat it can be countered with exercise or by ensuring that the number of energy values in the eating plan is within their personal recommended amounts.

In Summary

The energy values in the 1400 kcal plan are generally considered as too low for most adult individuals, particularly those who are of medium to tall in height and who embrace an active lifestyle. They are also too low for most teens and active children. However, for short petite women the amount may be ideal.

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