The Food Pyramid Diet Plan

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Based on USDA Food Pyramid Recommendations - Examples of the Food Pyramid Diet

The Diet Bites Food Pyramid Diet Plan makes a great pattern for establishing your healthy menus. Feel free to go wild with spices, herbs as well as your other favorite seasonings for additional taste-bud  excitement.  

Keep in mind that the caloric values of any menu greatly dependent upon the brands of foods used, as well as the selection of fruits and vegetables. This is the chief reason why the Official Food Pyramid is flawed.

On that note, you'll need to pair your weight loss plan with you-know-what (yes, a dose of healthy activity).

Aim to lose pounds at a healthy pace; this is much better than trying to cram your diet down your throat all at once - losing weight too quickly, only to have it return with more pounds in tow. If you can lose about two pounds a week, that is an amazing return for your hard efforts.

If you starve yourself, the body won't be able to properly burn or completely burn body fat. You'll be slowing your progress rather than fueling weight loss.

Example of Diet Menu 1, Our Food Pyramid Diet Plan:

A pattern you can use to plan your own healthy diet menus.

Breakfast Menu: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Fresh Fruit

One egg (fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, sunny side up)
2 slices of bacon
2 slices of whole grain toast with a small pat of reduced fat margarine
1 cup OR 1 piece of fruit
1 cup of skim or reduced fat milk

Also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Be sure to watch the amount of lightener as well as sweetener that you put inside.

Mid-Morning Snack  - 1 cup OR 1 piece of fruit.

Lunch Menu: Gourmet Pita Stuffed With Lean Proteins, Fresh Vegetables

4 cups of mixed fresh vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, watercress, mushrooms, cucumbers
3 ounces of cooked lean cubed chicken, ham or tuna (water based), plus 1 Tablespoon of reduced fat salad dressing
1 whole grain pita or kangaroo pocket bread
Cottage Cheese
Reduced Fat Milk, Coffee or Tea

Mix the salad dressing with your choice of lean proteins and vegetable mixture. Stuff inside a whole grain pita pocket bread. Also add a serving of reduced fat cottage cheese to your menu as well as 1 cup or fresh fruit selection. And let's not forget our healthy serving of moo-juice. Add one cup of reduced fat milk. Enjoy your coffee or tea selection if you wish.

Dinner Menu: Healthy Beans, Cornbread, Whole Grain Rice & Berries

1 cup of pinto, black, navy, red, Northern or kidney beans
1 wedge of cornbread OR 2 slices of whole grain bread with a bit of reduced fat margarine
1 cup of whole grain brown rice with just a touch of reduced fat margarine

For dessert enjoy two cups of your favorite melon or berries.

Evening or Bedtime  Snack:

Enjoy 1 ounce OR one slice of reduced fat cheese plus 1/2 of a small apple.

It may take you a while to adjust to a new weight loss plan. Your mouth may feel a little nervous and on edge because it is used to having something to do more often than not. But keep with your plan and yes - those pounds will go away.

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