Strengthening Your Diet Chain

Strengthen your Diet Chain by incorporating foods that are nutritionally linked to the food pyramid.  

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The Domino Effect of Losing Weight

Think of your diet as a chain, one that is created out of links from the official food pyramid. Depending upon which culture you embrace, the appearance of the pyramid - plate or chart will look much differently from all the others which serve as patterns in recommending foods in our daily eating plans that will promote optimum health.

Even so, all basically feature foods that are very near to nature - or their natural state. While the American Food Pyramid may recommend potatoes as the main vegetable staple of the daily diet, another might feature rice. While the American version may recommend animal proteins, another culture may place the focus on beans.

Fruit Group suggestions can be quite diverse and as with the other groups, they tend to focus on foods that are related to one's cultural roots. These recommendations are also based in large part on the availability of the food in particular areas of the world.

While apples might be more plentiful in some areas, the banana, papaya, mango, coconut or plantain might be more plentiful in other areas. While some cultures may have cooked using bananas throughout the ages, other cultures may use the plantain or mango instead. Where lamb and venison is common on one culture's table, beef and poultry might be present on another.

This is just one reason why it's an excellent idea to study all of the different patterns used by different cultures of the world - so that we can experiment with foods that may not be familiar to our daily diet. This is just one great way to keep the eating plan interesting while dieting.

Building The Food Chain

Remember that chain that we were working on a few minutes ago? Let's get back to that as it is a very important element related to losing unwanted fat.

The food chain gets longer and stronger as each day passes. Soon, you have a food chain so strong that it's almost impossible to sever.

The food pyramid makes dieting very easy because it simplifies natural goodness. A keyword is 'natural'. Foods in their natural state are naturally lower in calories and fat than processed foods.  

In addition, cooking and preparation methods truly matter. Meats should be roasted, veggies should be enjoyed raw or cooked, and fruits should be in their most natural state when eaten. Breads and pasta should be prepared using natural ingredients.

Avoid giving natural foods unwanted coats of batter and dips - and work to avoid giving them a bath in oil. Their natural goodness should suffice and in this state, they will be much easier for the human body to process and digest. In addition, in this state, they hold the maximum amount of vital minerals and vitamins.

Keeping Your Diet Chain Lean & Mean

Since it's very difficult to get completely away from processed foods, examine the labels. Is a food or an additive listed first? For example, if you're eating beef jerky, then beef should be the first  ingredient listed. An apple pie? Apples should be the first ingredient listed (even though pie isn't at the top of the 'Healthy Diet List').

By making the Food Pyramid the central focal point of your diet, you are not only strengthening your overall health, you're also strengthening your weight loss plan - an unbeatable Diet Food Chain!

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