Recommended Daily Fat Amount: 3200 Calorie Diet

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The 3200 kcal daily diet recommends values at no more than eleven teaspoons of fat. That's a significant amount - but then again, the number of kcals within this plan generally exceeds that for the dietary needs of the majority of individuals.

Food sources that might satisfy the daily recommendation include:

Fish that are rich in Omega 3's which support heart health.

A serving of thinly sliced avocado on a sandwich prepared with multi-grain bread along with lean proteins, leafy green vegetables, slices of ripe tomato and a slice of low fat cheese.

One Tablespoon of soft reduced fat margarine on a small baked potato.

Recipes Low in Dietary Fat Content

While eleven teaspoons of fat is a generous amount to work with throughout your day, there are both good and bad sources. Saturated, Trans - these are the less desired while monounsaturated and polyunsaturated make the healthier sources. On that note, we have a few of our favorite recipes that we'd like to share which trim fat calories while adding a healthy note to your eating plan. Let's concentrate on a dessert right out of the gate, shall we?

Cupcakes for Dessert

Even while watching one's weight, a cupcake can certainly be enjoyed every now and then. One chocolate cupcake contains about 180 kcals and 12 total fat grams. The issue is that the bulk of the fat distribution is derived from the saturated variety. Let's see how we can trim the fat while keeping the flavor with our homemade cupcake recipe which makes use of a commercially produced mix. Keep in mind that it's what we add to the mix that increases the negative health values; check the nutrition label to see how minimal caloric and fatty lipids are before the recommended additions to get a good idea of how much is being added to the mix. We'll concentrate on these additives and remove as much of the negative values as possible without trimming flavor.

Recipe Ingredients for Diet Cupcakes

1 vanilla cake mix with pudding in the mix
2 ripened bananas
2 teaspoons of imitation vanilla OR extract
egg substitute, recommended amount of water on the package

How to Prepare Our Diet Cupcake Recipe

The fruit will add moistness to the mix without adding additional fat; it will also add a delicious note of flavor. If you do not have bananas readily available, then you can use any fruit that can be mashed or pureed. In addition, you can opt for any flavor of cake mix too; we're just using the vanilla because it serves as an excellent candidate for our example recipe.

Mix all of the ingredients as directed on the box; to determine how much of the egg substitute is needed - use the guide on the container. Bake as directed in cupcake holders or pans.

Now we get to the frosting which is generally mined with unwanted fatty acid content. Rather than using the sugar based versions, let's allow our cupcakes to completely cool. Just before serving, set out a container of reduced fat whipped cream (15 kcals per serving, minimal fat content) and allow everyone to decorate their own. Also, set out decorative sprinkles to add to the enjoyment.

Working With Skinnier Recipe Ingredients

If the recipe calls for a dairy food group selection, you know what to do! Go for the lighter product. The difference should not influence the end result greatly.

Substitute the recommended amount of cooking oils, butter and margarine with mashed fruits.

When purchasing animal proteins, avoid the cuts that exhibit marbling; remove excess fat from the meat before consuming.

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