Recommended Daily Fat Amount: 3000 Calorie Diet

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Keeping Within the Fatty Acid Daily Recommendations

The 3000 kcal daily diet recommends values at no more than ten teaspoons of fat. Let's take a look at some of your healthier food sources:

Fat sources that remain in their liquid state at room temperature; when it comes to margarine the softer versions are generally best choices.

A Tablespoon of peanut or other nut butter spread onto a slice of multi-grain bread, a rice cake or half a small bagel.

A grilled hamburger made with extra lean ground beef; add a couple of slices of avocado for a bump upwards in nutritional values and a source of the more healthy fatty acids.

Food Sources With Less Than Stellar Fatty Acid Distribution

Oh those wonderful, rich desserts! Full of flavor and unfortunately, unhealthy lipids that are just waiting to get closer to the walls of your arteries. Cupcakes, pies, doughnuts, pastries, cookies, candy bars, ice cream and the like reside among the list of no-no's that should be avoided when in their full-blown form.

If you must enjoy, try the following tips:

1. Look for the lower fat candy bars and check the distribution therein. If the bar is mined with the saturated variety, then look at another. And when it's time to gobble that goody, then why not consume one-half the bar? And oh - let's make sure that it's a regular sized bar that we've purchased. Keep in mind that you can always share the other half - or enjoy at another time. No - not five minutes later, mind you.

2. When pies are the food in question, they are generally of four different types:

a. Fruit Based with canned, natural, dried or frozen varieties as the star.

b. Cream Based; these are made with some type of dairy food group selection like milk, heavy or light cream or sour cream.

c. Protein Based; this version may feature meat, legumes or eggs as the star and these ingredients may be combined with vegetables.

d. Vegetable Based; an excellent example is the rhubarb pie.

So which of the above make the best choices? While it would appear that vegetable pies would be the finest choice, we recommend the fruit except when the vegetable variety doesn't involve a gravy, sauce or a sugar based syrup or glaze.

For example, one cup of rhubarb that has been sweetened with sugar contains almost 300 calories. Add a top and bottom crust and we'll be adding a minimum of 160 kcals. Therefore, one slice of rhubarb pie with a double crust which contains about one cup of filling contains about 460 kcals.

3. If you must have a donut and only that will do, then avoid the jumbo size. Those big boys can contain more than double the calories as the kid-sized ones.

4. If you're a cupcake lover, prepare them at home and skip the frosting.

5. When ice cream is the star, switch to low fat frozen yogurt and save big!

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