Recommended Daily Fat Amount: 2800 Calorie Diet

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The Fatty Acid Daily Recommendations

The 2800 kcal daily diet recommends values at no more than eight teaspoons of fat.

Which are the healthier sources for your eating plan in viewing the following examples:

A serving of olives or a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil?

Because the olives contain an excess of sodium content which has been shown in numerous health studies to negatively impact heart health, which the olive oil has shown the opposite impact, the oil would be the better choice.

Now let's look at another option:

Tuna that is packed in oil and drained before eating or that which is packed in water? What about dark or light tuna?

The best choice is the lightest tuna which is packed in water but let's look at another choice:

Water packed tuna mixed with full-blown Mayo or the oil packed variety which is drained?

The best selection now shifts to the oil-packed variety when Mayo becomes part of the nutritional equation. Here is why:

One Tablespoon of Mayo contains about 60 kcals and 5 total fat grams. Three ounces of white tuna equals 105 kcals, and about 3 total fat grams.

The drained oily tuna contains 158 kcals and about 7 total fat grams and contains less than the white when paired with the Mayo. In addition, it would require about two servings of the Mayo to fully coat three ounces of the tuna - and then there is the distribution of fatty acids to take under consideration where nutrition is concerned.

Sugar & Fat: Partners in Dietary Crime

Sugar is one thing in the diet; it's hefty and packs a punch at about 800 kcals per cup. It's notorious for hold empty calories because the energy values offer virtually zero nutritional benefits.

If you examine the official data, the only slots that are filled in are the kcals (9 per 1 cube, 774 per cup, 16 per teaspoon, 11 per single serving packet) and the sugar gram content (almost 200 per cup). The rest of the data consists of goose eggs.

Now if we combine the empty-caloried white stuff with fat - this just isn't a punch that has the potential to stun your weight loss plan; this might equal a total knockout!

On this note, start to think about foods that you truly enjoy eating. Do some or even most contain a combination of these two bad boys? If so, our tips can assist:

1. Fried Foods: kick the frying machine as well as the old iron skillet to the curb; invite your grill back into your life. Besides, it's so lost and lonely as it sits in your garage collecting dust - or perhaps in your backyard gathering rust. It's waiting to assist in getting you to a slimmer size.

1. Ice Cream: Yo! Reach for the frozen low fat yogurt, that is! It's healthier and less fatty - and it has come a long way baby from its earlier, sour tasting days. Give it a try; all it wants is a fair chance.

1. The Bakery: Skip over the fattier pastries, doughnuts and cookies and head on over to Muffin Land. Look for those that have fruit tucked into the mix as well as healthy oats and other grains. Speaking of grains, take a look at the breads that contain fruit and spices; they can be delicious - and offer a healthy bite.

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