Recommended Daily Fat Amount: 2400 Calorie Diet

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Oh Those Fatty Lipids

The 2400 kcal daily diet recommends values at no more than seven teaspoons of fat. Let's view a few examples of fat that can creep into the best of eating plans:

Solid fats such as butter and some types of margarine; healthier choices include those which remain in a liquid state at room or refrigerated temperatures. Even most softer versions of margarine are healthier choices over their solidly packed peers.

Added foods to the bean, pea or soup pot are often culprits that can be avoided. Those include: salt pork, bacon, fatty ham and other animal proteins.

Unhealthy additives that impact most mashed foods, as well as vegetables. Examples include butter, cream, sour cream, and cream cheese which may be added to mashed potatoes OR butter and cream that are added to mashed squash or sweet potatoes.

While eggs and bacon make a delicious breakfast plate, a healthier tip is to prepare the bacon in the microwave between moistened paper towels which can assist in collecting the excess oils - or instead of bacon on the plate, a thin deli slice of lean ham makes a good choice.

Managing Lipids in Favorite Must Have Foods

There are times in life when we just want to let loose and not bother about our size - or even our state of health, at least while we are eating. During these times, only a particular food will suit our moods. Here are tips to keep the fatty acid grams in check:

You're at your favorite restaurant and you want a cheeseburger; you must have one! But you don't want to ruin your weight loss plan.

Solution: Go with the smaller available burger; ask for mustard rather than Mayo. If you add cheese, ask if they have a reduced fat cheese option. While you're at it, ask your server to kindly add more vegetables to your burger.

It's twelve midnight and the group that you're with must have pizza. And of course, you must have a slice too; order thin crust, the cheese variety and add some healthy vegetables to your slice or two of pizza.

Your friend and you are out shopping and she wants some onion rings; however - you are suddenly in the mood for French fries. Order the small pack and dust off as much of the salt as possible.

The family is craving ice cream so everyone loads into the vehicle and heads out to visit the ice cream shop. You have a couple of options here; you can order a single dip rather than the double as everyone else is doing - or you can go for a single dip of frozen yogurt.

In Summary

There is one key element in this article that can assist when you're dieting and find yourself at your wit's end. You can always enjoy the foods that you love - as long as you control the serving sizes.

In addition, some foods have a better fatty acid distribution than others; going with the wiser choices will benefit in the area of cutting calories and in turn, trimming pounds.

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