Recommended Daily Fat Amount: 2000 Calorie Diet

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The Daily Lipid Limitations

The 2000 kcal diet is the pattern that can be used by most individuals to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Add no more than six teaspoons of fat sources throughout the day's eating plan to remain within the nutritional guidelines of the American Food Pyramid.

Let's take a look at some healthy sources where we can use those six teaspoons:

It's time for breakfast, the first metabolic-boosting meal of the day. Let's scramble an egg using reduced fat margarine - just a teaspoon will be all that we'll need to produce a beautiful, fluffy mound of eggs.

It's lunch time already! We're going to pan-roast a beautiful strip of salmon so we're going to use a teaspoon of virtually smoke-free peanut oil, one of the healthier sources for cooking oils.

Next, we're adding a delicious mix of vegetables to our meal - a nice healthy salad. We'll use reduced fat Thousand Island dressing on it when we're at the table, and we'll only use a serving. We'll also add a couple of olives and toss in a few chopped nuts, both of which are healthier sources for dietary fat.

It's the middle of the afternoon and we're feeling hungry. Let's enjoy one-half of a dark chocolate bar packed with sliced almonds for about 100 kcals. We'll enjoy the other half on the morrow.

It's time for dinner already! We'll enjoy the following healthier food sources for fat: three ounces of lean sirloin that has been prepared on the grill, and a serving of whole grain bread spread with low fat margarine. Hey, let's enjoy a hearty selection of vegetables and we'll also add some cow juice to our meal.

Almost time to go to bed but there is a gnawing in our tummy; what about another serving of milk; let's blend it with a few frozen peach slices, shall we?

Common Pitfalls in the Daily Plate & Recipes

The next time that you prepare that pot of beans, green peas or black-eyed peas, skip the ham hock, salt pork and other fatty seasonings. Instead, use lean chunks of ham; you'll still end up with a pot of delicious 'dynamite' but the fatty acid content won't blow you off your weight loss plan.

One of my favorite foods on the planet is vanilla cake with buttercream frosting; I think if my life depended upon it - I could easily work my way through a three tiered wedding cake. I feel much the same about those instant cheesecake boxes at the market; add a tub of whipped topping and that darn slice of cheesecake tastes like a cloud from heaven.

But of course - I would not even attempt eating an entire wedding cake or cheese pie - as I am very aware of what the results would be; a lot of bacon added to the bazooka! But it's not just the gained pounds; sure - that impacts appearance but at my age, that's not so important as it was in my younger years. What does matter more these days is the impact that those added layers of fat would have on my state of health. While I certainly don't mind leaving this old earth - which has been far more unkind than kind based on my personal life, if they are calling up a group to go today - then I'll pass.  What does matter is that I don't want my husband or son to go through grief that my poor health might cause - poor health that could have been avoided if I would have just shut my pie hole.

At times, we don't pause to think about what we are doing and how it will impact the lives of other people; we only think about what the consequences will be, personally.

After watching my overweight, diabetic father take almost a month to die in the hospital as he was placed onto life support shortly after being admitted, that only fortified my resolve to continue to do everything that I can to remain a healthy weight. While there are many things in life that are out of my control, my daily diet is one thing that I do have power over - and more likely than not, so do you.

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