Recommended Daily Fat Amount: 1800 Calorie Diet

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The Daily Limitations for Fatty Acids

The 1800 kcal daily diet recommends values at no more than five teaspoons of fat.

What constitutes a serving size and which food sources work best to fulfill the dietary requirements? The ones that are of the healthiest varieties, of course - and they include the following:

4 ounces of pan roasted flounder using a minimal amount of canola oil;

A wedge of lettuce or the leafy green varieties that is hit with a serving of extra virgin olive oil dressing;

One serving of reduced fat margarine spread onto a dinner roll.

Conquering Fat: Minimal vs Maximum at Meal Time

It's been said over and over throughout the ages: "You are what you eat." We only need to look at our pets and the animal kingdom to see the effects of a good diet versus a poor one. We've been involved in animal rescue for a very long time, chiefly with ferret rescue. We always seem to have cats that find our way to our home, too. We've even been involved in rescuing a possum or two over the years. One thing that is evident in these little critters is that those that were fed a poor diet had issues with their skin and fur.

Once they were put on a healthy diet, these side effects of poor eating didn't immediately vanish; at times - they took considerable months.

The same holds true with weight loss plans and their benefits when positive results are made. The body requires time to adjust to the results - and whether we identify this stretch as a time of balance or a weight loss plateau, the individual has to remain patient amid the process because if they return to their former eating pattern, any visual differences will be negated.

As to fat in the eating plan - if the food source is high in the saturated variety, it is dealt with in a particular way by the body. Those that have more of this type of fatty acid in the meals that they consume will generally see the effect in the upper abdominal area where there is a slow accumulation, even when daily caloric values are kept in check.

Add negative stress to the equation and the build up becomes even more pronounced. For those individuals who are near or who are at their ideal weight, the build-up may be only slightly noticeable; what can't be seen is the collected fat lodged around the vital organs that tends to accumulate when saturated fats are invited to the table more often than not.

Let's look at a couple of meal plans and see how they different in fat distribution; one is much more healthier than the other.

Diet Plan #1, Low in Saturated Fat

3 Ounces of Grilled Steak
1 Serving of Steak Sauce
1 Small Baked Potato with Light Margarine, Salt, Pepper
1 Slice of Multi-Grain Bread
Sauteed Mushrooms, No Added Dressing

Unsweetened Tea

Diet Plan #, High in Saturated Fat

1 Chicken Fried Steak Patty
1 Serving of Country Gravy
1 Cup of Mashed Potatoes, Extra Butter, More Country Gravy
Fried Mushrooms, Full Blown Ranch Dressing

1 Jumbo Biscuit, More Butter
Sweet Tea

In Summary

By altering the preparation methods of our foods as well as making wise choices on dressings, dips, gravy and other additives to our meal, we can slash dietary fat grams without sacrificing flavor.

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