Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 3200 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals 648 discretionary calories. Does this mean that anyone who is on a 3200 kcal eating plan can add almost 700 more?

Unfortunately, not; but they can be used at your own discretion for food selections that the dieter likes - after the Food Group servings have been satisfied.

Nutritional Notes Related to Dieting

When you are trying to lose pounds limiting the number of calories in the plan is of course essential.  But achieving a healthy body is about more than just kcal management.

Let us discuss other areas of nutrition that are important to the body's health and well being - and why certain vitamins and minerals matter amid your journey.

Vitamin C Dietary Needs

One of the symptoms of a vitamin C deficiency is bad breath. If the deficiency is severe enough, the result may be scurvy.  

While you are on a restricted plan be sure to eat plenty of foods that are rich sources for this vitamin. It's hard to go wrong when reaching for the citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes and tangerines to get your recommended amount. Other fruits that are rich in vitamin C content include kiwi , mangoes, and grapes.  

Another reason it is important get sufficient vitamin C into your plan is because it will decrease risks for illness by boosting and strengthening immunity.

Calcium Needs

Let's move on to calcium which is being continuously used by the body and requires repletion. Foods that are rich sources of calcium include the low fat varieties of yogurt, cheese, milk, and leafy greens such as spinach, turnip greens ,collards and Swiss chard.

When a calcium deficiency occurs in the human body, poor digestion can be the resulting factor. When this comes into play, the absorption of calcium may in turn be greatly reduced amid the digestive process.

Too Little Dietary Fat

While too much fat in the daily diet can lead to an overage of pounds, too little can also lead to health issues such as hair loss, disruption of sleep, brittle nails, and even impact the condition of our largest organ, the skin which can become dry and irritating due to lack of oil.

Magnesium in the Eating Plan

If you have ever used an over the counter product for constipation or for digestive upset you may have noticed that magnesium is listed on the product label.  When a deficiency of magnesium occurs within the human body it can cause numerous issues.  Because some dieters might use over the counter products containing magnesium in an effort to rid the waste from the system and in turn lose pounds, this practice can lead to diarrhea. When this occurs, the stimulants within the product are removed from the system but they take with them important vitamins and minerals which the body needs for optimum good health.

Diarrhea is just one condition that can lead to a magnesium deficiency. Others include alcohol abuse, and the extended use of products that are intended to remedy water weight gain.

Dietary Fiber

Everywhere we turn these days we are hearing more and more news about how dietary fiber can keep the digestive tract in good health. Take note that if fiber intake is taken to the extreme it has the potential to reduce the absorption of calcium, thus creating new issues for the body to deal with.  

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