Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 2600 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals 410 discretionary calories.

More About These 'Extra' Energy Values

These calories are not extra ones that can be tacked onto your weight loss plan; true extra calories are those which can be added due to a bout of heavy exertion or exercise through activity that causes the dieter to use more energy kcals than is currently scheduled in their plan. In this event, by adding more energy via healthy foods - these are true extra calories.

In the situation where discretionary values are involved, the individual cannot exceed the set kcals in their plan.

These 'extra' values are those which remain after Food Group servings as recommended in the official American Food Pyramid have been satisfied.

Use these approximate 400 kcals to add foods to your meal plates and snack times that are healthy choices. Fresh fruits, raw vegetables, low fat yogurt, a lean serving of beef jerky or a whole grain slice of bread all make excellent choices.

About 'People Who Eat x-Type of Food Tend to be Their Normal Weight'

How many times in advertisements have you heard the following comments that are generally based on controlled health studies:

The study revealed that individuals who ate whole grains tended to be at a healthy weight than those who didn't.

Conclusion: Individuals who met their daily requirements for dietary fiber were thinner.

Those that weighed less consumed their daily needs for milk.

We could go on and on - and yet on with the results of these studies. All of them, including those that try to mirror the participants as closely as possible have room for error. But there is one thing that stands out in these results. All of the above foods are considered at the top of the list where good health is concerned.

Now take a moment to think about the results in a logical manner. Obviously - what they really tell us is it isn't a particular food that is responsible for people being at their recommended weight; it is due to their daily diet and the wiser choices that they make.

Someone who is eating whole grains in their daily eating plan and who makes an effort to do such obviously cares about more than that whole grain goodness. More likely than not - they will go on to reach for foods and beverages that reside in the official food groups as their day goes by.

A more unbiased and more accurate study would be determining the other foods that people chose to eat throughout their day. Diet participant Dana pair healthy vegetables, low fat dairy and lean proteins with her meal plans and at snack times after embracing whole grain goodness. More likely yes than not if she is at her ideal weight.

In Summary

Being at a healthy weight involves more than focusing on a particular food - or food group. It involves pulling energy sources from all of the official food groups within the pyramid for optimum health.

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