Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 2000 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals 267 discretionary calories.

To clear up any confusion about discretionary or 'extra' calories, they are not to be added to the amount that is currently contained in your weight loss plan; they are to be used in conjunction with the healthy plan to enjoy more low fat foods that you like.

Using Energy at Your Discretion

For example, Jane has satisfied all of the recommended servings for all the Food Groups but happily discovers she has several calories left over that were not used in making her food choices.

The 267 kcal value for the 2000 calorie diet is simply an estimated amount of energy that can be left over. The actual daily amount of excess energy can range from zero and up because the amount is based upon the values contained with the choices that go onto our meal plates and into our snack times.

Keep in mind that the caloric of all foods are not created equal NOR are the values of the energy sources which reside in the same Food Group.

Because Jane has a good number of discretionary values to work with, she can now choose favorites to enjoy with her meals or during the day for snack time; however - they should be low in fat, high in dietary fiber, contain zero to minimal cholesterol and it is a very good idea that they contain minimal sodium content.

While that five calorie pickle might make a good choices based on the low number of kcals contained therein, it is also mined with salt which in turn can blow the body up to Orca the whale status in a matter of hours as it encourages water retention. If a male has ever pondered how a female might feel amid her monthly gift from Mother Nature, it's much the same as when a jar of dill pickles have been consumed in combination with diarrhea cramps.

Let's return to happier thoughts, shall we?

At this point, let's assume that Jane enjoys ice cream but she doesn't want to add over 200 kcals to her plan with a 1/2 cup serving of such. She sees another option that is much skinner - frozen yogurt in low fat form for 110 kcals per 1/2 cup serving. She can enjoy two times the amount of frozen yogurt in comparison to the ice cream. And she does such, making use of some of her discretionary energy values. Having excess is so much fun! involves excess pounds, that is.

She still has about 50 kcals left over so she decides to enjoy a 1/2 cup serving of her favorite cereal - as a snack, without added milk or sugar.

In Summary

Managing our finances is challenging but as hard as that might be at times in stretching our ever shrinking dollar - it's even more challenging when it comes to managing the caloric values within our daily eating plan. But the great news is that the more experienced that we become in doing such, the easier the task.

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