Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 1800 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals 195 discretionary calories.

To use these calories, first make your goal of inputting all of the recommended food group servings from the pyramid into your weight loss plan.

Next, if you have chosen your menus wisely, then you will have some extra kcals left over; these are the discretionary energy values that can be used to choose more healthy foods to meet your daily set kcal total.

Comparing Your Former Plan With Your New One, Noting the Healthy Differences

If you have just started on a fat loss plan then you can probably recall what you enjoyed in your daily menus not so long ago. If you have been dieting for a while now, try to think back to that time. What you remember about your former eating habits can assist in your quest for a healthier you.

1. Breakfast Time: How did you handle the first meal of the day? Did you enjoy foods from the healthy basic five food groups - albeit getting in servings from the vegetable group can be challenging for the morning meal. Or did you often skip this meal?

What about stopping at fast food restaurants on the way to where you were going - did you do such and if so, what did you order? When you placed your order, did you think about the nutritional make-up of the selection from the menu - or were you more concerned about how it was going to taste once it was handed to you by the smiling morning-person-clerk at the drive-through window?

What could you have changed in order to have achieved a healthier start to your day?

2. Lunch Time: Did you pack your lunch more often than not if you dined away from the house? If so, what did you pack? Raw vegetables, a sandwich prepared with whole grain bread and lean proteins, a side of low fat cottage cheese or yogurt, a fresh fruit selection? Or did you go with fatty chili, corn chips and a few wedges of cheese which accompanied that package containing three cupcakes for about 500 big ones?

3. Dinner Time: Did you drown your vegetables in butter or did you allow the natural flavors of the foods to shine through? What about salt? Did you scoot up to the shaker or did you taste your food before reaching for it?

What about dressings for your salads? If you like Ranch, did you opt for the full blown or for the lighter variety?

4. Snack Times: Did you drink low fat milk and reduced sugar juices throughout your day in addition to water? Or did you opt for sugary soda and energy drinks - or coffee and tea that was laced with more sugar and fatty creams?

Was fresh fruit part of snack time along with shelled nuts, edible seeds and dried fruit? Did you enjoy greasy potato chips, extra salty cheese flavored something's or another's, oily corn chips - or did you opt for pretzels, baked or bagel style chips?

In Summary

Work to identify trouble spots in your former eating plan and use that information to move forward to weight loss results in your current plan. By sitting down and taking time to learn more about what you ate - and why you ate it, and why it might not be the best selection for good health, it can make a defining difference that can equal a successful weight loss plan.

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