Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 1600 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals 182 discretionary calories.

How do these 'extra' energy values work while on a weight loss plan? Just as they do when an individual is not dieting.

Begin by adding all of the recommended food group servings to your meals and snack times.

The amount that you have left over will depend chiefly upon the energy content of the foods that you have picked to be a part of your daily eating plan.

When well-planned, you will have kcals that remain with your total energy values not yet met.

Use these at your discretion to choose foods and beverages that you like; make sure that they remain low in saturated and Trans fats, cholesterol content and sodium while rich in dietary fiber and protein values.

Developing a Healthy Eating Plan

Breakfast Tips

Because this is the very first meal plate of the day, you'll want to start out on a healthy note because this will set the tone of the foods that follow throughout your day.

If you goof this meal up by opting for a stack of hotcakes smothered in butter and corn syrup, then you're more likely going to feel like you have already blown the diet for the day - so you'll continue eating poorly for the remaining meals and snack times.

One of your best choices is the awesome egg - one of the most perfect foods on the planet. Or, reach for whole grain goodness in a serving of hot or cold cereals. It's also an opportunity to add a serving of sugar free natural juice to your meal.

Lunch & Dinner Tips

While foods from the vegetable group are challenging to fit in for the breakfast meal plate - here is your opportunity! Reach for leafy greens and other picks that are fresh from the garden. Don't forget to add fruit selections to your meals and at snacking times.

Speaking of snacks, when planning you should examine your three main meal plates for the day when making selections. Which food group is lacking in the pack? If you need more from the grain group - then reach for popcorn, a rice cake or one half of a small bagel.

Or, try a bit of reduced fat shredded cheese wrapped into a corn tortilla that has been warmed. Need a few more vegetables or fruits? Then grab the raw!

What about protein needs? Jerky, a few slices of thinly sliced deli meat, a boiled egg, or a spoon of whipped nut butter of any variety spread onto a rice cake or a few whole grain saltine crackers will fill the bill.

Beverage Tips

Make if your goal to choose those that are minimal in caloric values. If you must have a sugary drink such as a soda, then enjoy it by using your discretionary calories. When it comes to fruit juices, opting for the unsweetened, naturally sweetened or the reduced sugar brands can cut kcals greatly. Many of the sugar reduced juices found at the market these days contain fifty or fewer kcals per eight ounce serving, which works out to one cup.

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