Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 1400 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals about 175 discretionary calories.

Keep in mind that these values are not supposed to be added to the number in your weight loss plan.

Here is how the USDA intends for these to be used: once the Food Group serving recommendations are met with all but the 175 kcals, you can use this allotment to enjoy personal food favorites that remain low in dietary fat content.

Take note that every day of the eating plan will render a different total kcal amount, so in turn the discretionary values will always vary.

About the 1400 Kcal Eating Plan

Are you a smaller, petite-sized lady? If so, the number of energy values within this plan could be ideal - and the key that you need to unlock that thinner you.

As with all of the diet plans within this website, we recommend building all of them on the official American Food Pyramid by choosing from the recommended servings within the five Food Groups that are housed within.

Bloating Issues - Regardless of Current Weight

No matter how much you watch the amount of foods that you consume, do you often feel like you are bloated? If so, both common to serious conditions may be attributed to such feelings.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

One of the most common conditions is related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In addition to feeling bloated - with or without an empty stomach, the bowel may slow creating constipation issues OR it may turn in its tracks and trigger sudden diarrhea, much of the time - directly following a meal.

If the bloating isn't related to IBS, it may be related to the food selections within the eating plan. This is often the case which involves individuals who have recently gone onto a fat loss plan.

Foods High in Dietary Fiber

The main 'bloat trigger' is the healthier mix of foods that are being input into the daily plan. Healthy foods are more often than not enjoyed raw - or in a very minimal refined state. When they are cooked, much of the time a good deal of essential vitamins and minerals there were lodged therein are removed. The more refined the food - the less natural nutritional values contained within. Where some are involved, manufacturers will add them into the product, replacing that which was lost amid the packing process.

Fact is, raw foods are among the best sources for dietary fiber content. While a certain amount of fiber in the diet is beneficial to the digestive process - including the health of such, when too much fiber enters the daily diet - the result is bloating, gas issues as well as other digestive upsets.

In Summary

No matter how many energy values are part of your eating plan, making the healthiest of selections can assist in keeping your body within its recommended weight range. But with every good thing, there is generally a negative. Therefore, when working with different selections, make notes of which foods seemed to work best with your body - which may you feel your very best.

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