Recommended Discretionary Kcals
for the 1200 Calorie Diet

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The amount for this plan equals 171 discretionary calories.

Let's talk a bit more about these discretionary values; what are they and how can they assist your weight loss plan?

They make up the amount of extra calories that can be consumed in the eating plan as prescribed by the USDA. These energy values do not go outside the realm of recommended energy intake values.

Think of them like decorating a living room. We add a sofa, a couple of comfortable chairs, perhaps a foot stool and an end table. All of these pieces of furniture are associated with typical things that go into this room.

Now, think of the room as your stomach which you need to fill. To do such the healthy way, you'll need to pull foods from the American Food Pyramid (or your ethnic plate or pyramid). At some point, you have all the serving recommendations met - and if you have energy values left over, then you can use these to add foods that you like.

Because all of the foods housed within the different Food Groups of the Official Food Pyramid contain a different number of calories, the discretionary amount consumed by the dieter will always vary because they are dependent upon what foods the individual consumed during the day.

Therefore, the discretionary amount should be used as a guideline for fitting those extra kcals within the plan.

Discretionary Calories includes foods low in fat or fat free with no added sugar such as sugar free, low free pudding.

Oh Those Choices

So what can you fit into your plan for those 171 kcals? Any of the following:

1. A serving of chocolate pudding prepared with reduced fat milk.

2. Eight ounces of chocolate milk - again, using the fat reduced variety.

3. What about a ten ounce bag of frozen vegetables? Simply steam them on the stove top or prepare them using the microwave. There will still be room for a Tablespoon of light margarine.

4. A hot dog prepared with a regular bun and a low fat frank - as well as a smear of yellow mustard and a spoon of sweet pickle relish.

5. What about a wedge of angel food (sponge) cake topped with slices of fresh fruit and a serving of light whipped cream or topping?

6. One teaspoon of whipped peanut butter and a serving of whole grain saltine crackers can also make an excellent choice.

7. Like candy bars? There are a few that will fit into this energy range; time to do a bit of label snooping.

8. One English muffin topped with a fruit based spread, jam, preserve or jelly.

9. Let's switch gears and visit the Dairy Food Group; let's enjoy an ounce of reduced fat cheese along with a few Wheat Thins or your favorite crackers.

10. You can also enjoy a serving of beef jerky and have about 100 kcals left over; what will fit into that amount? Two cups of any variety of melon.

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