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The 2000 kcal diet is the standard pattern as it suits the nutritional requirements for most individuals. The number of calories contained therein allow ample room to meet all of the body's daily mineral and vitamin requirements.

Great things that come about when losing that unwanted fat include all of the following potential improvements:

If heart disease is a heredity factor in your family, you can slash risks significantly by losing the excess fat.

There will be a significant improvement in the digestive system. When extra fat is the issue, it presses against the vital organs thus triggering all sorts of health woes. Those include discomfort, bloating, heartburn, burping and intestinal gas issues.

While many healthy foods may trigger gas pockets at the beginning of the eating plan, the body generally quickly adjusts to the new foods.

Rather than tasting wads of fat and mouthfuls of salt - you'll actually be able to taste the food. Much of the time an individual keeps adding more and more sugar, salt and fat to their daily eating plan that as time marches by, they don't know what the true unmasked flavors or textures of certain foods truly are; natural flavors are not only healthier - they are pretty dog-gone good.

Breakfast: Cereal, Fruit

1 serving of whole oats
1 teaspoon of reduced fat margarine
1 cup of skim milk
1 slice of whole grain bread
1 small plum

Lunch Menu: Soup & Salad

1 serving of turkey noodle soup
2 whole grain corn sticks
3 cups of mixed salad fixings plus light dressing
3 ounces of lean cooked cubed turkey added to the salad
1 ounce of low fat cubed cheese added to the salad
1 cup of skim milk

Dinner Menu: Cheeseburger, Chips, Baked Beans

4 ounces of extra lean ground beef, broiled, grilled or baked
small hamburger bun, whole grain is best
1 slice of low fat cheese than melts well
mustard, pickle slices, ketchup, lettuce leaves, slices of tomato
2 - 3 thin slices of avocado
serving of baked potato chips
1/2 cup of baked beans
8 ounces of reduced sugar grape juice

Daily Servings Required From Food Pyramid for 2000 Calorie Diet Plan

Food Group

Daily Serving Size

Fruits 2 cups
Vegetables 2.5 cups
Grains 6 ounces
Protein: Meats, Beans, Nuts, Eggs, Seeds 5.5 ounces
Dairy: Milk, Yogurt, Cheese 3 cups
Oils 6 teaspoons
Discretionary Calories Allow 267 calories

Snack Times:

Add the following to snacking times: 1 small apple, a small banana and 2 cups of hot air popped corn.

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