Example of a 1600 Calorie Diet

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The 1600 kcal eating plan may make an ideal pattern for women seeking to lose pounds safely and whose daily energy requirements reside within this range.

Losing weight comes with the following benefits to health:

Less pounds on the body equals a lighter step as well as a heart that doesn't have to work so hard to pump blood to the body's vital organs and tissues.

When we first start our new plan we may only be able to walk for a couple of minutes before we feel worn out and exhausted. Some may be able to walk much further at the beginning of their plan.

But no matter where the individual is at regarding their endurance level at the start of the plan - if they keep getting lighter, keep eating healthy and keep active, their endurance level will continue to expand.

Rather than tiring out in two minutes - they may be able to walk an hour or more before tiring.

When we lose fat, our body takes on a brand new less bloated appearance. The feeling of self accomplish which accompanies our thinner size is something that cannot be matched - not even with a chocolate chip cookie that contains genuine English walnuts!

Breakfast: Cold Cereal, Whole Grain Bread, Fruit Juice

1 cup of bran flakes
1/2 cup of skim milk
1 thin slice of oatmeal bread
1/2 cup of sliced strawberries
8 ounces of sugar reduced cranberry juice

Lunch Menu: Hearty Soup & Sandwich

1 serving of chicken noodle soup
1 serving of whole grain saltine crackers
1/2 of a lean ham and low fat cheese whole grain sandwich stuffed with fresh veggies; use a low calorie spread on the bread.
1 cup of skim milk

Dinner Menu: Spaghetti, Salad, Hearty Bread

As a preparation note, strive to purchase whole grain breads that are as minimal as possible in caloric content. In addition, this strategy should apply to other foods within your eating plan.

Daily Servings Required From Food Pyramid for 1600 Calorie Diet Plan

Food Group

Daily Serving Size

Fruits 1.5 cups
Vegetables 2 cups
Grains 5 ounces
Protein: Meats, Beans, Nuts, Eggs, Seeds 5 ounces
Dairy: Milk, Yogurt, Cheese 3 cups
Oils 5 teaspoons
Discretionary Calories Allow 182 calories

For example, the marinara sauce listed below is available at the market in a variety of caloric ranges - from 40 kcals per serving up to more than 100 kcals per serving. By opting for the skinner option, you gain even more options for your plan:

A. You can either eat more of the product as long as it will fit into your weight loss plan;
B. Or you can use the lesser amount towards losing the fat.

Losing weight is all about saving caloric values to generate weight loss - while eating a healthy diet.

1 cup of prepared pasta, drained
1 serving of spaghetti or marinara
shredded parmesan or low fat cheese
4 cups of lettuce, baby spinach leaves, chopped tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and low fat dressing
2 slices of whole grain pumpernickel bread, reduced fat margarine

Snack Times:

Incorporate the following into snack times: one eight-ounce single serving container of low fat yogurt, 1 plum and 1 small peach.

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