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Start With the Best Foundation

As with most things in life, in order to achieve success we must begin our projects with an excellent foundation. Many times we are required to build the foundation ourselves. Other times we have a pattern that we can use that can assist us in creating the strongest foundation possible.

Such is the case with dieting. When we set out to develop our healthier eating plan that will assist in generating weight loss results, the best pattern that we have in our modern day world is the official Food Pyramid.

In America, it's our own version that has been developed over the years and which is based on numerous health studies and findings; in other cultures - other patterns that are similar to our American Food Pyramid have been created to best suit the needs of the particular culture and which work to feature the healthiest foods that are part of that culture.

For example, while the USA Food Pyramid suggests whole grain bread as an excellent choice from the Grain Group, the Mexican Food Pyramid suggests whole grain corn tortillas. Both are stellar choices that provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals necessary for optimum health. And both the bread and the tortillas best suit the given cultures.

All too often the new dieter goes off on a tangent that leads to failure because they don't take time to build a strong foundation that will allow them the best opportunity for success where fitness goals are involved. Grabbing onto boiled eggs, grapefruit and a tin of tuna might seem like an excellent method for dropping unwanted fat quickly - but the issue is that this method of dieting just doesn't last; and it doesn't provide a healthy eating pattern which can be followed going forward, after the weight is lost.

Along these lines, for the best results from your garden - you'll want to have an excellent base. The soil must be rich and loose so that it nurtures the seed that is being introduced to it.

We've lived in some pretty poor areas of the country where gardening just wasn't possible. Or should we say - decent gardening. For example, when we lived in Fort Worth, Texas the soil where we lived was excellent. We grew everything from okra to tomatoes to figs to pears to kohlrabi. If you aren't familiar with kohlrabi, it's a variety of cabbage.

We had a little doggy at the time that I simply adored, but she had a huge appetite. We couldn't leave any type of food laying around or she would find it and devour. My husband once set down a plate on the coffee table containing a wedge of watermelon; he left for only a moment and when he returned the doggy had finished off the melon.

You can imagine our surprise when we let her out of the house one day to attend to her business and before we knew what was happening, she had made it to the garden and was chowing down on raw kohlrabi!

As to where we live now, we're lucky if we can get a few tomatoes each summer from the garden. But wow - the soil is excellent for growing squash of all varieties.

The Healthy Rewards of Gardening

You are able to control the amount of pesticides that go into your food; more often than not - you won't need them, particularly if you have some helpful ladybugs on hand.

Fresh is always best - particularly when it comes to fruits and vegetables. They are so tender when they are freshly harvested and require a shorter cooking time. Because of such, they tend to contain more vitamin and mineral content.

It offers a grand opportunity for exercising and can become a pleasant and reward hobby that is quite inexpensive, particularly when the seeds from the prior harvests are saved and dried out for future planting.

How Many Calories are Burned Gardening?

The 150 pound individual will burn about 160 kcals during a half hour time period and over 300 kcals amid an hour. How many calories will you burn? Simply look at the chart, determine the weight that is closest to your own and follow the lines.

Calories Burned Gardening Chart


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Minutes 15 30 45 60 75 90





114 171 228 285 342



118 177 236 295 354



124 186 248 310 372



130 195 260 325 390



136 204 272 340 408



140 210 280 350 420



152 228 304 380 456



162 243 324 405 486



172 258 344 430 516



184 276 368 460 552



194 291 388 485 582



206 309 412 515 618



216 324 432 540 648



226 339 452 565 678



238 357 476 595 714



248 372 496 620 744



260 390 520 650 780



270 405 540 675 810

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